• A day in the life of…..

    A day in the life of…. Ewelina van Kol

    A teacher came into our class and wrote the following on the board…











    When she was done, she looked at us and we were ALL laughing at her for getting the first equation wrong. The teacher let the laughter die down and then said the following: “I wrote that first one wrong on purpose because I wanted you to see how the world will treat you when you mess up. I got ONE thing wrong. But I wrote right answer 9 times. This is how many people in the world will treat you. They will criticize the one wrong thing you do and skip over the million good things you’ve done.’”

    To this day, I think about that story. And how the lesson is directly applicable to my life as i learn to become an investor in this male dominated world.

    How many times have you heard people say: “It won’t work.”

    “You have to be an expert in this field.”

    “Didn’t you already try that and fail?”

    That’s one of the reasons why we created the FinMarie community. We want you to be surrounded by women who motivate and inspire us. We wanted  to learn directly from people who’ve been where we are today and overcome those same obstacles to find success.

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    You may have heard that women face pay discrepancies. (21% in Germany!) Did you also realize that pay gaps leave us with lifetime pension and wealth gaps? It’s time for women …

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    The Germany is a leader in financial services, but the sector could do even better if it made the most of many talented women who work in finance. Too few women get to the top and many don’t progress as quickly as they should or they leave the sector completely. I want to see a diverse sector run by talented men and women and I look forward to seeing many more businesses promoting women and helping to make the  Germany the best place in the world to do business.

    A day in the life of…..
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