• Financial Manager rentablo And FinMarie Collab

    Financial Manager rentablo And FinMarie Collab

    FinMarie won rentablo as a partner for their investment services. rentablo is a Berlin-based financial company just like FinMarie. But that’s not where our similarities end. Their guiding principles fairness, transparency, and innovation perfectly match with ours, too. That’s why we are happy to announce this collaboration with the award-winning financial manager.

    “We are happy to have won such a powerful partner and we are sure that rentablo financial manager will make getting started with assets management much easier for our investors”, says Karolina Decker.

    Now, what is it with rentablo that had FinMarie CEO Karolina Decker convinced right away? It might have to do with their service portfolio. Let’s have a look at what rentablo has to offer.

    rentablo’s Scope Of Services

    FinMarie’s new partner offers investors benchmarking solutions for their wealth management.

    “The free rentablo financial manager allows for savers and investors to finally have the utter oversight over their own investments, accounts, loans, and material assets. The arduous and troublesome upkeep in excel tables are officially a thing of the past”, states Wolfram Stacklies, rentablo CTO.

    Account And Deposit Aggregation Within Seconds

    Bank account and deposit information of nearly all German and Austrian banks and brokers can be imported within the blink of an eye. This way, all financial assets get aggregated in one tool and are way easier to keep an eye on. Thanks to powerful tools, the entire portfolio can be easily and comprehensively evaluated and visualized.

    Cash Flow Analyzer For Daily Expenses

    A remarkably improved cash flow analyzer allows you to manage your everyday spendings. All categories can be individually split up in detailed views. Transaction between accounts are reliably recognized and subtracted accordingly. So are regular liabilities. The latter can be equipped with a dismissal alarm, if need be. Insurances get grouped together in one clear digital insurance directory.

    Clear Sight On Dividends

    rentablo’s deposit analysis discloses detailed realized profit values and ancillary cost figures. Dividend income is evaluated separately and longterm prognoses are possible. This way, investors gain insight into their current, historic, and future dividend yields per year, month, and position. rentablo automatically incorporates and updates new dividends.

    How FinMarie Works With rentablo

    On December, 12th, 2018, the FinMarie team participated in a workshop conducted by fintech founder André Rabenstein. He lead us through all the steps necessary for building wealth and achieving financial goals. He showed us how to easily calculate and monitor our surplus and had us define our asset goals and savings targets. Eventually, André made tools and tips available to us that help achieving set goals without further ado.

    Find out more what services we can provide you by the help of rentablo. Book a free assessment call with our financial advisors right away!

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