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    Wonder and very open minded  woman, willing to take care about their finance, participated at our last events in Warsaw and Munich.

    The “Mind the Gap” community is a passion project launched last year by 7 passionate people from Berlin.

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    We were annoyed by the pay gap and pension gap that women face, and we were astounded that people felt so disengaged from their financial lives. There’s no reason why our money matters (from budgeting to negotiating, entrepreneurship, investment and pension) should be so mysterious or difficult. These should be really engaging topics!

    So we started up a Meetup series focused on educating, empowering and engaging women in Berlin and Munich. That is now operating as well in Poland. We’ve made partnerships across a number of different organizations across Germany and Poland, and over the past year, we established an annual award for a Financial Justice Champion and produced more than a dozen events, including a summer workshop series and a one-day Women & Wealth conference in September.

    We’ve been joined by a number of other talented, passionate women and we have formed a German e.V. to further develop the community.

    It’s only February and we’ve already hosted an impressive amount of events – even if we do say so ourselves.

    We kicked off the year with a Meetup at Factory Berlin, where a packed room discovered how to identify their risk profile. Mind the Gap co-founder, Deutsche Bank lawyer and extreme sportswoman Ewelina Van Kol brought her insight from the worlds of ski jumping and wakeboarding to demonstrate the concepts of the topic in style.

    Why it is must for Women to know about finances?

    Beyond Berlin, we’ve had events in both Munich and Warsaw. In the Bavarian capital, the multitalented Ewelina Kolodziejczyk – FinMarie co-founder took to the stage once more, this time to draw parallels between football refereeing and developing a money mindset.

    Why is financial education so important?

    We’ve seen a particularly enthusiastic response in Warsaw; our first event there in late 2018 attracted over 100 people. In February, our Meetup on personal finance and achieving your goals drew a similarly large crowd, thanks to MtG’s Polish co-founder Agnieszka Michalska and and our amazing speakers, finance maven Marzena Malysz and Changing Room founder Aleksandra Aleksandrowicz.

    Stay tuned for more events in 2019, including our summer workshop series and autumn conference.

    More events, high involvment
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