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    Women Financial Advisors Do It Better

    Women Financial Advisors Do It Better In an interview, Ellevest founder and former bank manager Sallie Krawcheck illustrated in a very admirable manner, why there is such a thing as the infamous Gender Investment Gap in the first place: the entire investment business is designed for men. Not only, because everyone appears to be juggling […]

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    Money Doesn’t Stink: How To Remove Money Blocks

    How To Remove Money Blocks Pecunia non olet, money does not stink. This Latin saying is attributed to the later Roman emperor Titus, when responding to his father Vespasian’s decision to raise a tax on the use of public latrines, and the tanners’ further use of the human feces in ancient Rome. But apparently, especially […]

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    What Is A Robo-Advisor?

    What Is A Robo-Advisor? The term “robo-advisor” has gained buzzword momentum among financial consulters and investment experts, lately. So, it’s pretty safe to say that assumingly you’ve probably heard about robo-advisors, too. But maybe you’re one of the many people, who don’t quite know what to make of this: What is a robo-advisor, anyway? What […]