• Your life, your money, your terms!

    Your life, your money, your terms!

    A teacher came into her class and wrote the following on the board…

    9×1=7   9×2=18    9×3=27    9×4=36    9×5=45    9×6=54    9×7=63    9×8=72    9×9=81    9×10=90

    When she was done, she looked to the students and they were ALL laughing at her for getting the first equation wrong. The teacher let the laughter die down and then said the following; ‘I wrote that first one wrong on purpose because I wanted you to see how the world will treat you when you mess up. I got ONE thing wrong. But I wrote right answer 9 times. This is how many people in the world will treat you. They will criticize the one wrong thing you do and skip over the million good things you’ve done.’”

    To this day, I think about that story. And how the lesson is directly applicable to you as you learn to become an investor in this male dominated world. How many times have you heard people say: “It won’t work.” “You have to be an expert in this field.” “Didn’t you already try that and fail?” That’s one of the reasons we created the FinMarie. We want you to be surrounded by women who motivate and inspire you. We wanted you to learn directly from people who’ve been where you are today and overcome those same obstacles to find success.

    Our Team is working towards achieving global gender pay equality in the workplace and beyond. Our mission is to engage women as advocates of change for global gender equality and to close gender weath gap and gender pension gap.

    Your financial plan is the core of your financial future

    From choosing a financial adviser to everyday financial planning advice, let this be your go-to spot. 9 out of 10 women say they’re saving for more than one goal, such as a family vacation, kids’ college, buying a new home. What are your goals? Let us show you how to make your savings work for your future: https://finmarie.com/why-finmarie/how-do-we-invest/

    You don’t have to know all the answers

    We can help you:

    • Discuss your goals, see where you stand, and get help taking the next step
    • Review your plans, investments, and the markets
    • Get a financial checkup and stay on track with regular check-ins

    Yes, you really need to invest in the stock markets

    While other types of investments, such as bonds and savings accounts, can lessen your risk. They also don’t have quite the earning potential that comes with investing in the stock market over the long term. After factoring in taxes and the effects of inflation, you need stocks simply to maintain the value of your money over time. Stocks offer one of the greatest opportunities for growth in a portfolio.

    You should only invest money that you don’t need in the short-term. Even though it may have some huge ups and downs, the stock market has never lost money over a 10-year period. “If you know you’re going to buy a home, don’t put your money into the stock market six months before you need that down payment,” says Karolina Decker, Founder of FinMarie.

    You should have a separate account for your emergency funds and for shorter-term goals

    Remember, you don’t need a lot of money to get started. You can get started with 50 €.Even small amounts, contributed regularly over time, can add up to significant savings, thanks to the power of compound interest over the long term. Starting out by investing minor amounts can also help you build up the confidence to start investing more.

    Sitting on the sidelines isn’t the place for you. We’re all in this together!

    Your life, your money, your terms!
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