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Financial planning for women

FinMarie Elite – It Is About You?

FinMarie Elite provides you with a personal financial adviser – someone who will help you determine your goals and keep you on track to achieve them. It is knowing that you have someone you can call on at any time to help with any financial decisions that have to be made. Just like having a personal trainer to help us stay fit – it is like having a personal coach for your finances.

financial planning for women

Insight – Clarity – Purpose – that’s FinMarie Elite

The advice that we provide will be based on your goals and needs. From helping you determine your goals and determining what that means in terms of financial targets, to ongoing asset management and retirement planning. You and your female financial adviser will work together to provide you with clarity and confidence about your financial future.

Financial planning for women

Getting married

Having a child

Getting a new job

Setting up a business

Real Estate Planning

Tax planning

Insurance planning


Loosing partner

Moving into retirement

For Every Woman, Anytime – Women’s Finance & Wealth


Whatever your gender, race, age, culture, preferences and level of confidence, we want to help you to widen your financial horizons. Whenever you’re ready, we’re here to help you think big by starting small.

The future of finance is female

What to expect?

  • We are your partner in setting your goals, savings plan and saving targets
  • We analyse and evaluate your financial status, review your progress and update your financial plan as needed
  • We provide you with professional investment advice to make the most of your money and avoid the ‘noise’ from stock markets
  • We help you to understand the retirement income options available, and give you any information you need, like Retirement Savings Planning or Social Security Strategies
  • Tax Planning and Insurance Planning
  • To help maximise your investment knowledge and understanding, we organise a range of exclusive seminars and events that give you the latest insights and perspectives from leading experts.

Connect with us

For women looking to invest 250 k € or more, FinMarie Elite offers Private Wealth Management.  Send us an email or call us to book a free no obligation appointment. We’re available Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm.