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June 2021

From “Mind the Gap” to closing
the Gender Wealth Gap

The original idea for FinMarie

was from Karolina Decker (one of the owners). She has over ten years experience in the financial sector, initially as a manager at DnB NORD Polska in Warsaw (real estate financing), with responsibility for 20 employees and financing volume of 250 million euros per year. Later during her time with Deutsche Bank in Berlin (Compliance), she noticed that female clients ask different questions than men and have a different approach to wealth creation.

The idea of founding FinMarie
came about in doing

As soon as she recognized the problem, she started working on a solution. The mother of two children started the regular series of events with a colleague in August 2017 Mind the Gap for women to learn about their finances. The Meetup and seminar format on the subject „Women & Wealth” is now held nationwide. The “Mind the Gap” community comprises more than 3000 women and is growing continuously.

In the discussions with the participants, it emerged that there is a strong but unmet need for women to deal constructively with their financial independence and the protection of their children and families.

The idea for FinMarie was born.

FinMarie as the optimal overlap between Tech and people

FinMarie has been redefining digital wealth management for women since the beginning of 2019 with a hybrid model of human expertise and hand-picked tech tools.

“We thought about how we could really help with our expertise and contacts. With the Gender Pay Gap, there is not a lot we can do to change that. But with the Gender WEALTH Gap – that we can try and change.

Karolina Decker

Karolina Decker


Caroline Bell


Azra Husejnovic

Marketing Manager

At the end of 2019, Caroline Bell joined the company as a partner and Chief Operating Officer, coming from Australia with extensive experience in financial advice.


Karolina and Caroline are working on this together with their team, first in Germany and soon as many women as possible across Europe using their experience and specifically selected investment solutions to overcome the “Gender Wealth Gap.”

Caroline Bell

Serial Entrepreneur on two Continents

Caroline Bell has been part of FinMarie as a co-founder since mid-2019. Extremely successful after over 28 years of financial advice experience in Australia, she sees FinMarie as an opportunity to also help women in Europe to gain more control over their finances. After working for many years for the global tax consultancy Arthur Andersen (now Andersen), specializing in individuals and expatriates, she founded her own firm in Australia in 2006 , which quickly developed into one of the fastest-growing financial advisory firms in Australia and had a waiting list for new clients after a short time.

Caroline loves to see her clients achieve their lifestyle goals. She lives what she preaches by successfully traveling the world, and living on two continents (Australia and Europe).

Summerhill Financial Services  |  Summerhill Invest

More details about Caroline Bell’s background can be seen on LinkedIn:

Karolina Decker

European Banking Background meets Berlin.

Karolina had already created a solid foundation with two master’s degrees in economics (University of Warsaw / Warsaw School of Economics) before starting her career in the banking sector. She worked in the financial sector for 10 years – initially as a manager at DnB NORD Polska in Warsaw in the area of real estate financing. She gained management experience and was responsible for a financing volume of EUR 250 million per year. Subsequently, she worked at Deutsche Bank in Berlin in the area of compliance. Karolina has the business license according to §34f GewO. She is still involved as the founder of the NGO “Mind the Gap”. 

Mind the Gap

More details about Karolina Decker and her background on LinkedIn:

A warm welcome

greeted FinMarie and their services in the market. The idea of FinMarie was exceptionally well received right from the start. One reason in addition to the timely service offering is probably the increased perception since #genderpaygap that women experience different conditions and receive different treatment.

Since then, women and their employers have become more aware than ever that they have to take responsibility for their financial future.

More and more women are actively taking control over their own and see the area of money and wealth as a natural part of that.

FinMarie helps to implement this lifestyle in the area of money and finance with the combination of expert individual coaching and access to hand-picked tech tools.

“FinMarie” instead of Goldmarie - the origin of the name

Incidentally, the original inspiration for the name comes from the German world of fairy tales, namely the figure of the “Goldmarie”. On the one hand, the Goldmarie became somewhat more modern due to the prefix “Fin” (from “Finance”) but retained its timeless human name with “Marie”.

FinMarie, as a person and brand, is the brave woman who breaks through the paradigms of earlier times and says to other women: 

Come, let’s talk about money.