Now anyone can invest

You know you need to figure out wealth building and retirement planning, but you don't have the time or energy to spend a lot of effort digging for information?

The FinMarie Anlagefreundin tool is a digital investment solution that makes investing easier than ever. Your money is invested professionally, intelligently and transparently in ETFs with global coverage. It's individually tailored to your needs and risk profile, along with plenty of personal support from us.

Das FinMarie Team
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Build up assets simply with FinMarie Anlagefreundin

  • A service that does everything for you
  • High flexibility: deposits and withdrawals are possible at any time
  • Start from as little as 25€ per month
  • You can choose as many savings goals as you like (for example: retirement, a dream house, your studies, ...)
  • Cost-efficient and transparent: an annual fee depending package you choose. No hidden costs or commissions

It's that easy

Just a few steps to your personal savings plan

1. answer questions directly in the tool about your savings goals, your current situation and your risk profile.

2. on the basis of the information you provide, you will receive an investment strategy tailored to
your needs

3. you create your account and we open the brokerage account for you

4. make changes at any time in our online portal and see how your money is working for you

Not just any portfolio, but MY portfolio

In your FinMarie Anlagefreundin application you have five different investment strategies to choose from. The main difference lies in the combination of stocks and bonds.

Decision 1:

Which portfolio suits me and my goals?
Decide for yourself how much risk you want to take:

If you are comfortable with somewhat higher risk, choose a portfolio with more SHARES - this way you can expect a higher chance of return.

BONDS are more stable than stocks, provide lower risk, but also lower return prospects.

What’s special about it: This investment adapts to your risk / opportunity profile and, above all, your life.

See for yourself here how your money can work for you and your goals.

Decision 2:

Is the tool enough for me - or do I want personal support?


0,68 %

/ year *
  • For those who want to invest quickly and comfortably online

0,89 %

/ year *
  • Including SilberMarie Community
  • Perfect for all who want to invest online and expand their financial knowledge at the same time

1,19 %

/ year *
  • Including 30 min. individual portfolio optimization and financial coaching by FinMarie CEO Karolina Decker.
  • The preferred choice for those who want to invest with expert support
* Fee on the investment amount

Pursuing my goals with the best support

Support from a passionate team

FinMarie’s stated goal is to make financial independence a tangible goal for women of all income levels and ages. To that end, FinMarie offers the perfect combination of people, financial expertise and hand-picked tech tools.


A solid banking partner.

Sutor Bank provides deposit accounts for FinMarie Anlagefreundin. So the app and your assets are in the best hands: Sutor Bank has been awarded Outstanding Asset Management” for the 8th time in a row by ntv and Focus Money. An independent, private bank since 1921, Sutor Bank is also a member of the Deposit Protection Fund of the Association of German Banks.”


First Class Fintech.

Growney is the developer behind the FinMarie Anlagefreundin software. Growney’s tools are among the absolute top applications in the market — and for the Anlagefreundin tooling, we’ve chosen the best combination for you.


Please note: investing involves risk. The value of your investment may fall or rise. By investing your assets in multiple ETFs, potential risks are spread, but investment strategies are still subject to risk. Please be aware: historical performance, simulations and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance.