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April 2021


According to a 2015 OECD study, the risk for German women to slide into old-age poverty is just as high as the general average risk, which is between 13 and 19%. There are, however, specific groups among women that have a higher risk than others,

Long-term financial planning for women is a cornerstone of private pension planning for women. And what’s more, a pillar of making your own dreams and wishes come true. Basically, it’s key to financial independence. Whether it’s the beach house you’ve always wanted, a relaxed retirement,

When we talk about financial freedom for women, the topic is often comprehended as a current and immediate concept. Surveys show that the current generation of Germans between the age of 30 and 60 are well-aware of the Gender Pension Gap and the dangers of

In an interview, Ellevest founder and former bank manager Sallie Krawcheck illustrated in a very admirable manner, why there is such a thing as the infamous Gender Investment Gap in the first place: the entire investment business is designed for men. Not only, because everyone