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Individual investing with FinMarie & Growney

“If you look in the mirror and it’s not Warren Buffet, that you see, then invest in index funds.”

Caroline Bell, COO FinMarie

This is how your money is invested with FinMarie & Growney

You complete a short questionnaire

You receive a recommendation for your ETF Portfolio

Register and prove your identity.

Your money is automatically invested, based on your investment selection and administered.

You can view your personal portfolio at any time online.

Try it out

If you try out the Growney investment tool with a test account, you can try different risk profiles and investment strategies for free and without any commitment. It quickly becomes clear what you really feel comfortable with in reality.

Good to know

The management fees of the ETFs included in our investment strategies are between 0.17% and 0.27% p. a. and are taken directly from the fund's assets in the custody account by the ETF provider. We have no influence on these costs.

Registration with FinMarie is free of charge, can be canceled at any time and we do not have a minimum investment amount. Only when you actually invest, do the service fees apply.

If the value of your portfolio changes, the fee level will also be adjusted automatically. So if you have invested € 9,000 and your total portfolio value rises to € 10,000 due to positive market developments, you only pay the lower fee of 0.69%

The Result:

An individual investment strategy that is tailored to your financial possibilities and your life situation, simply and with a fair price/performance ratio.

There is no easier way to invest.

The small but important difference: transaction costs and fees.

According to Growney, the main difference is not so much the investment products and their performance, but above all the small but subtle difference in fees. And with a total investment of € 200,000, it tends to add up to a decent 5-digit number.

About Growney

Our tech partner Growney offers a “Robo Advisor” – one of the best available on the market.

The idea behind Growney:

“The company wants to use new technologies and a brilliant economic research concept to create investments that are easier, cheaper and more profitable than anything you can get from your bank. And we want to make it accessible to everyone. To do this, we forego unnecessary costs as well as the usual highly speculative investment strategies such as performance chasing, stock picking or market timing and fully rely on the logic of science. The result is a better risk-return ratio than with most other forms of investment. And: more calmness among our investors.“

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

– Warren Buffet

Security for your Money:

At FinMarie first

  1. FinMarie is subordinate to the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority and is audited according to KWG §34f trade regulations and approved as a financial asset broker.
  2. Your investment account is managed through Sutor Bank in accordance with German banking law. In the unlikely event of bankruptcy of the bank or FinMarie GmbH, your money is protected accordingly.
  3. Your investment account is yours. It can only be accessed by you.
  4. The asset manager Growney may only buy and sell funds under the investment guidelines.
Your direct contact is and remains FinMarie. We are happy to assist you with advice and action.

Your FinMarie Founders

Karoline Decker & Caroline Bell

Security with strong Partners

To ensure the security of your money, we have chosen strong partners. Sutor Bank has been an independent private bank since 1921, a member of the deposit guarantee fund of the Federal Association of German Banks and has been recognized for the 8th time in a row by n-tv and Focus Money as “Outstanding Asset Management”.

Free & in 5 Minutes:

Obtain investment recommendations now

For whom is the combination FinMarie + Growney suitable?

Growney is the right choice for all FinMarie customers who want to administer and invest their money

From 500 €

Min. 25 € / Monthly Savings Plan


Easy and transparent

Our Fair Service Fees

The basis of calculation for your service fee is always the sum of your

Investment account. When a limit is exceeded, the new one

fee level is applied to the total investment amount.

Investment Amount

Annual Fee*

Personal Portfolio

Regular Savings Plan

Free Withdrawals at any time

Automatic Rebalancing

Ability to change investment objectives

Personal Financial Adviser

500€ - 50.000€


from 50.000€




from 250.000€


*Including custody account and account management, order fees, fund selection, and monitoring, tax optimization, detailed reports on performance, customer service via telephone, e-mail and chat, user-friendly web application by Robo Advisor.

*The annual costs of the ETFs included in our investment strategies are between 0.16% and 0.23% p. a. and are deducted directly from the fund’s assets by the ETF provider. This is significantly cheaper than the average investment fund fee of 1.86% p. a. Germany and directly contributes to a higher return. growney has no influence on these fees.

An example of the total annual fee

What requirements must be met with FinMarie & Growney Investments

Currently, investment accounts can only be opened for natural individuals - so you as a private person create one for yourself. European citizens residing in Germany and with a German tax identification number can also become customers. Accounts for children are not yet available. Powers of attorney can, however, be issued after the depository has been opened.

How can I start with FinMarie & Growney

It is really very simple. You only need

Your valid identity card,

Your tax identification number (TIN) (you can find it on your wage or income tax certificate) and

A mobile device (cell phone or tablet) or notebook / PC with a camera with auto focus for online authentication at IDnow.

FAQ Growney

How does PostIdent work?

Identification is carried out quickly and easily using the POSTIDENT procedure of Deutsche Post. Here you can easily identify yourself from home via online video chat, in your local post office or via the nPA (new identity card with activated eID function)

Can I open a joint account at growney?

Yes, there is the possibility to open a joint account at growney. If you are married, you can also use the growney online portal to lodge a joint Freistellungsauftrag. However, please contact growney before completing the investment contract to open a joint account. Growney will then contact the SutorBank.

Which bank is used to create the investment account?

Your account will be set up at our partner bank, the Sutor Bank in Hamburg, or in cooperation with Vividam at ebase in Munich.

Do I have to pay an additional deposit and account management fees?

No, these are already included in the service fee (see fee table).

Is a Power of Attorney on my investment account possible?

Yes, Powers of Attorney can be granted after the opening of the investment account. You will either be provided with forms (see the proxy form of Sutor Bank) or you can contact us and send us the necessary documents.

I live outside of Germany, can I still invest?

If you have a bank account in Germany, Belgium, France, Finland, United Kingdom of Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Poland or in Switzerland, you can open an investment account as normal. This is not possible if you live in Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Ireland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Czech Republic , Hungary or Cyprus. In this case, you should open a current account in Germany and enter this as a reference account with growney.