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Sustainable investing FinMarie & Vividam

Sustainable investing is important to me.

Our Robo Advisor partner Vividam should be a good fit for you and your investment.

Your money is invested sustainably with Vividam

Vividam invests in specifically chosen products for you – with a clear focus on their positive effect (Impact).

Vividam goes beyond the topic of climate change and is oriented towards towards 17 UN Sustainable Goals (SDGs)

This results in the following investment exclusions:

Investment Areas:

✔ Renewable energies such as solar, wind, etc.
✔ Drive technology (electric drive)
✔ Sustainable Water Management
✔ Recycling
✔ Old-age provision, Education
✔ “Smart Grid” technologies (energy infrastructure)
✔ Modern environmental and climate technologies
✔ „Green Buildings”
✔ Wood as a renewable raw material

No investment in:

✗ Armaments
✗ Nuclear Power
✗ Alcohol
✗ Fossil Energy, including petroleum and thermal coal
✗ Human Rights violations (ILO)
✗ Atomic, chemical and biological weapons
✗ Tobacco
✗ Gambling
✗ Genetic Engineering
✗ Animal Testing

With Finmarie & Vividam, make your investment a statement.

Security for your Money:

At FinMarie first

  1. FinMarie itself is subordinate to the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority and is audited according to KWG §34f trade regulations and approved as a financial investment broker.
  2. Your investment account is managed via ebase (European Bank for Financial Services GmbH) in accordance with German banking law. In the unlikely event of bankruptcy of the bank or FinMarie GmbH, your money is protected accordingly.
  3. Your investment account is yours. It can only be accessed by you.
  4. The asset manager Vividam may only buy and sell funds under the investment guidelines.
Your direct contact is and remains FinMarie. We are happy to assist you with advice and action.

Your FinMarie Founders

Karoline Decker & Caroline Bell

About Vividam

The Vividam Robo-Advisor is a joint project of several partners. All parties involved are based in Germany and are subject to and committed to German standards.

In detail it works like this:

Vividam is offered by FiNet Asset Management AG, which is the legal and actual asset manager of the custody accounts.

Niiio finance AG in Görlitz is responsible for the technical implementation, which includes sending emails with other administration matters.

When becoming a client, you need to be identified online and with the contract to be signed electronically, which is managed by IDNow, a proven provider of these services.

Ebase (European Bank for Financial Services GmbH) in Aschheim near Munich acts as the custodian. They handle all fund transactions and manage the individual custody accounts for clients.


Vividam and FinMarie want to make everything easy and safe:

Only you, as the client, have access to the investment account with Vividam.

The investment manager may only buy and sell funds under the investment guidelines. Your direct contact person is and will remain FinMarie and will be happy to help and advise you.

Our Fair Service Fees

Investment Amount

Annual Fee*

Personal Portfolio

Regular Savings Plan

Free Withdrawals at any time

Automatic Rebalancing

Ability to change investment objectives

Personal Financial Adviser

3.500€ - 249.999€




from  250.000€


*Including custody account and account management, order fees, fund selection, and monitoring, tax optimisation, detailed reports on performance, customer service via telephone, e-mail and chat, user-friendly web application by Robo Advisor.

*In addition to the all inclusive fee, annual investment costs are between 1.31% and 1.87% – depending on the chosen strategy (detailed information on the forecasted fees is available in the closed user area before the investment agreement is completed). These fees are the management fees (TER) of the investments, but are already included in the performance of the funds and so do not need to be deducted.

Free & in 5 Minutes:

Obtain investment recommendation now

For whom is Vividam suitable?

Vividam is a perfect fit for all FinMarie clients who would like to start investing

from 3.500 €

an optional monthly savings plan from 75€

online and


What are the requirements to invest with FinMarie & Vividam?

Currently, investment accounts can only be opened for natural individuals.. European citizens residing in Germany and with a German tax identification number can also become clients. Child accounts are not yet available. Powers of attorney can, however, be granted after the investment account is opened.

What do I need to start investing with FinMarie & Vividam?

It is easy. You only need

Your valid Passport,

Your Tax Identification Number (TIN), which you can find on your salary or income statement

A mobile device (cell phone or tablet) or notebook / PC with a camera with auto focus for online authentication at IDnow.

FAQ Vividam

Do I have to decide between investing in Growney OR Vividam?

No, you can choose which investment option you prefer at any time, and you can also in both options should you wish, in any amount of your choosing, as long as the minimum investment requirements are met in both options. We would be happy to advise you if you would like assistance to decide which is appropriate for you.

What does ‘sustainable investing’ mean?

Sustainable Investing is the general term for sustainable, responsible, ethical, social, ecological investment and all other investment processes that include the influence of ESG (environment, social and governance) criteria in their financial analysis and selection.

“Impact Investment” – is that also sustainable?

Impact Investment is a sub-category of sustainable investment.
These are investments in companies, organisations and funds with the aim of having a social and / or ecological impact in addition to the financial return. Impact investments can be made in markets in both industrialised and developing countries. Impact investments are often project-specific and differ from the approach of philanthropy (in which no financial returns are expected).
At Vividam, special thematic funds (water, climate, renewable energies, etc.) are also part of the impact investment strategy.
Since the publication of the 17 UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in 2015, more and more investors have measured the impact against these 17 goals.

The fees for sustainable investments are higher than the ETF investments … why is that?

The fees of actively managed funds, which also include the Impact Funds, are usually always higher. Active sustainability research, includes critical discussions with companies, the involvement of experts and advisory boards etc., which increases costs. These costs are partly passed on to the funds.

Why do I have to provide my income and date of birth?

In accordance with the legal requirements, we are obliged to query your date of birth and your income.
This information is only required for opening the account.