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May 2021

Investing with FinMarie

With a process to achieve financial independence

Our goal is to make financial independence a tangible goal for women at any stage of their financial journey.

We want your money future to be a success. With the right fintech tools and a lot of personal support.

Depending on the risk profile, economic situation and personal risk preference, we create an individual investment portfolio for every woman and also offer our expertise for individual re-balancing in order to be able to adapt the investment to the changed life situations of our clients. If you don't want to (or not only) use individual coaching, you will also find a helpful community and special know-how in My.FinMarie.

Investing is made easy for women with FinMarie

Only the best for you: Fintech tools – handpicked

The expert team at FinMarie has used their experience and knowledge with thorough research to find the FinTech tools that are currently most suitable for women.

There are many such tools available – but many with higher costs and / or high entry thresholds.

Our currently recommended FinTech tools

The following tools were each examined in detail by our experts and found to be good for women and their investment purposes. They can be used directly at any time without any additional surcharge or service fee. In return, it may be (different depending on the tool) that FinMarie receives commission for the recommendation.

The online bank with DBK Broker.

  • Free current account with VISA Card, pay free of charge worldwide and
    withdraw money from ATMs free of charge – for new and active customers.
  • DKB BROKER free custody account and clearing account with low-cost orders from 10 euros
  • large variety of fund and ETF savings plans

Perfect for all those who want to use an online digital bank and at the same time invest in a securities account with shares, ETFs, bonds and funds.

Robo Advisor with a focus on sustainability.

  • from EUR 2,500 plus a EUR 50 savings plan
  • invest / manage digitally and sustainably
  • vividam is based on the 17 SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations)

Perfect for investors with a preference for sustainable investments, specifically impact investing.

Digital real estate investment in small tranches.

  • Exporo experts search, check and manage existing properties throughout Germany.
  • Invest easily, transparently and free of charge in selected properties
  • Advantages of real estate ownership – without the obligations

Perfect to start investing in real estate without having to invest large sums of money.

Daily and fixed deposit with the best rates and conditions.

  • free account as a base
  • best interest rates in the daily and fixed deposit comparison in the interest portal
  • Flexible selection from around 70 overnight and fixed-term deposit offers from banks in nine countries

Perfect for building up your liquidity reserve and making the most of your cash savings.

Germany’s first mobile and commission-free broker.

  • Invest in stocks and ETFs free of commission
  • Mobile and extremely user-friendly
  • permanently free of commission

Perfect for everyone who wants to actively manage their equity portfolio themselves, especially with the convenience of an App.

The modern German online bank.

  • free current account as a basis
  • everything in one place: giro, savings and depot, if necessary construction financing
  • flexible savings plan options (also for ETFs)
  • ETFs, stocks, bonds, funds.
  • brilliant watchlist functionalities

The perfect home for money that should be invested flexibly.

Cheap and mobile online broker platform.

  • 250+ ETF savings plans available with no order fee
  • Trade from 0.00 EUR on flatex, on German stock exchanges for 5.90 EUR + exchange fees
  • Free real-time rates

Perfect for starting ETF savings plans and / or managing your own equity portfolio.

The faster and cheaper way to send money abroad.

  • No hidden fees
  • Fair exchange rates.

Perfect for all women / expats who are at home all over the world.

Real estate investments with Zinsbaustein.de:

  • offers you a variety of real estate investment options that match your investment strategy
  • Start investing with as little as 500 €
  • No initial or ongoing costs

Perfect for clients who want to include real estate in their investment portfolio.

The modern business account:

  • supports all common legal structures: individuals, partnerships & corporations
  • a modern app is available
  • Individual company cards for companies
  • direct integration with your accounting system

Perfect for clients who want to open a business account with a company headquartered in Germany as well as for all freelancers residing in Germany.

Tomorrow- the first mobile current account with a positive impact:

  • free current account
  • mobile banking
  • pay worldwide free with VISA Debitcard.
  • Climate contribution with every card payment

For those who prefer mobile banking and want to contribute to climate protection.

The mobile Bank:

  • free current account
  • free use of Mastercard worldwide
  • no hidden fees
  • 100% mobile and flexible
  • free cash withdrawal from ATMs – in Euros

Perfect for those who want to have access to their finances anytime, anywhere without having to go into a bank branch.

When choosing investment options, we made sure that

costs are as low as possible,

options correspond to what our clients need

the tools are very easy to use.

Making investment a little more relaxed

At FinMarie, you don’t have to worry about things like the security of your data or bank,
• You can start right away (from € 50 at Growney),
• You can be sure that you don't waste money on excessive fees
• You always have transparency and
• if something happens ... we are there for you.

The important thing is that you get started.

Others can attest:

Investing with FinMarie is now easy and enjoyable, and there is no longer a good excuse. And above all: it works.

Investing is safe for women with FinMarie

  1. FinMarie itself is subject to the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority
  2. FinMarie was audited according to KWG §34f trade regulations and approved as a financial investment broker.
  3. If you use one of our affiliate partners, your deposit account will be managed by the respective bank in accordance with German banking law.
  4. In the unlikely event of FinMarie GmbH or the bank becoming insolvent, your money will not be affected or protected accordingly.
  5. Your investments are and will remain independent of FinMarie GmbH.

Always there for you: Our Coaching

Of course, you can also start right away. Just scroll down and get started.

Typical items that we clarify with you with personal financial coaching:

  • What money is to be invested for what time?
  • What are your expectations for risk and return??
  • What is your cash flow like?
  • How much are you comfortable to invest?
  • And what amount would you like to save monthly / annually?

As soon as you have achieved clarity, you can comfortably invest your money.

You are already clear on these points and want to get started?

Your priorities determine your investment:

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