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The community for your money future

If you already know FinMarie, then you probably already know what is most important to us:

Support as many women as possible in taking their financial future into their own hands and shaping their lives in their own way.

Together we can do this.


Tools, input and advice exclusively available there.

An environment in which your desire for financial independence is not laughed at, but supported.

Never be alone with with your finances again … the members of My.FinMarie are there for each other and we at FinMarie make sure that there is a friendly, inclusive atmosphere.


We women don't have to be able to do everything ourselves. We can and should receive competent support.

My.FinMarie is there for you and your (financial) future.


How to take your financial future into your own hands step by step.


How you put your new knowledge into practice.

Stay on track.

Where and how you can find the right tools and products for it (instead of having to search for yourself forever or to develop yourself).

You are in good company:

Brigitte Zypries

“Whether I would support FinMarie was a quick decision for me …

Unfortunately, the current state of affairs demonstrates that we cannot speak of a financially equal situation in Germany. I see the role of the advisory board as an essential opportunity to contribute to this issue and the possible solutions to it more visibility.”

– Brigitte Zypries, Former Minister of Economic Affairs, promoter of women’s affairs.

FinMarie in the press

Even a first financial consultation can make the essential difference:

After researching and comparing many options, I chose FinMarie for two reasons: The product itself, i.e. the platform, is one of the best on the market for my needs. But what confirmed my decision was and is the women behind FinMarie. They really took the time to teach me the most important things, listened to my financial needs and helped me draw up a financial plan. (Bonus point: Yes, financial advice is completely without mansplaining!)

Magdalene L.

Karolina went into great detail about my individual situation with my investment advice, and gave me a wide range of advice on the possible scenarios and financial investments in general. We discussed recommendations for action and worked out my personal savings plan and investment type together. All in all, I had the extremely pleasant impression of being advised in a very transparent and trusting manner and would highly recommend it to everyone!


The conversation with Karolina was very informative. It helped me to understand and restructure my financial situation. I finally feel good about my financial security.

Dr. Agata D.

Although I am well versed in financial products and investments, something has held me back from taking risks. I am really grateful for such a great financial advisor who inspires me and wants to honestly improve my individual financial situation. Your inspirational nature and advice are priceless. I can confidently put my investment decisions in their hands and warmly recommend them.

Ewelina K.

Karolina has an incredible amount of expertise and I really wanted to be coached by her personally. The worksheet that I received via Skype before the personal interview gave me a structured overview of my financial situation. I now have an overview of my options and the next steps I can take. I find the service with Finmarie really helpful and will make use of the advice.

Mareen W.

Thank you, Karolina, for your financial coaching and advice. Karolina helped me a lot and was careful that I really understood the risks. I can absolutely recommend FinMarie.

Loubna M.

I recently found the motivation to start investing in ETFs and am grateful for the advice from FinMarie, especially Karolina, I am convinced of the products in which I invest. A great service that I fully recommend to every woman (and every man) who wants to take the first step!

Sana B.

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At My.FinMarie we bring women together who want to work on their financial independence, acquire the relevant knowledge, support and empower one another, so that we can achieve more in the group and more easily than alone. We also provide the appropriate tools (tech-based or other) to help women achieve their goals.

Never again be alone with your money issues

You can choose which level of support best suits your goals.

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Answers to your questions

My.FinMarie FAQ

Do I really have to move? I’m already too busy anyway and now something new!?

Yes, we understand. Sure, that wasn’t originally the idea, especially since Facebook is a kind of daily habit for many of us. Unfortunately, a Facebook group limits what we can do for you – and since we are really serious about it, we just have to find a new basis.

With the new system, we have really made it very easy and convenient to use it – after all, taking care of your financial future should become a convenient part of your everyday life.

In My.FinMarie we can offer you special sub-groups in which you can deepen certain topics without boring others.

There you can activate or deactivate email or mobile phone notifications, just as it suits you and your everyday life.

Try it out … who knows, maybe you will be pleasantly surprised!

Yay!! I’m really looking forward to “My.FinMarie”! Do I have to stay here in the Facebook group at all?

We are happy that you are happy!

In principle, today you can “pack” your things and pull them over. It’s really easy: just use this link and join My.FinMarie over there.

It will take a while until everything is really set up … until October 13th there is still a lot to do! :)) At the moment you can

Set up your account and profile (muuuuuuch sexier there, you will see!),
Load the app onto your smartphone (search for “Mighty Networks” then for “My.FinMarie”) and take a look around.
It’s really fast, all functions are basically self-explanatory.

A tip: To get started, it’s easier to leave the notifications on for now. So you will automatically know at the start when something new happens. You can always turn it off later.

Does this FB group then remain active in parallel? Or how is that planned?

So, as a first step we will archive this group over in My.FinMarie about 4 weeks after the start. We will then delete the group as a whole (because nothing more will happen here, but all the good conversations etc. will take place over on My.FinMarie).

Do you maybe change your mind?

Um … to be honest, that’s pretty unlikely.

Sure, maybe not everyone will want to come over. But maybe most of the current members will come with us – what would make us happy!

At the same time, we really thought about it pretty carefully beforehand and also talked to some of you beforehand about how we can make even more contributions in the future.

We find it so important to give you good support in building financial independence that the tools do not get in the way, but should make it as easy as possible.

If you don’t want to come along, that’s totally okay, everything is ultimately a matter of preference.

At the same time, we would be happy if you at least take a look. ???? Who knows, maybe you will be pleasantly surprised. ???? [My.FinMarie]

What are you most looking forward to when you move to My.FinMarie?

Ha! Finally someone is asking! :))

We are really looking forward to being able to create a world with you there in which we women support each other, in which you will find all the tools to not only think about your financial future, but to do something concrete about it.

With Mighty Networks we have a technical basis that ensures that everything works stably, quickly and elegantly from the outset – and we can fully concentrate on providing you with good content, tips and tools.

Are you there too? Then click here to become part of My.FinMarie.

What are the membership options?

We offer three membership options: BronzeMarie, SilverMarie and GoldMarie.

How high are the individual membership fees?

Standard (BronzeMarie) membership is free of charge. Members pay US$9.99 per month for the SilverMarie version and US$59.99 per month for the GoldMarie version.

Is there a free membership?

Our BronzeMarie membership is free of charge.

Do I have to enter my real first and last name?

In order to be able to offer you a trustworthy platform, the information must correspond to your actual data.

Can I invite my friends to My.FinMarie.com?

Please do, and we would encourage you to do so! Feel free to simply invite your friends and acquaintances using the invitation function. We look forward to seeing new members.

Is there a Mighty Networks app available?

Yes. The app is available for both iOS and Android.

Will my information, comments or questions be used outside of the community?

No. Everything that happens in the My.FinMarie Community stays in the My.FinMarie Community.

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Ask questions about money and finances, get answers, and talk to like-minded people.

We look forward to seeing you there!