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Financial Workshops for

Employee satisfaction is an essential basis for business success. Aside from providing a pleasant working atmosphere and nice colleagues, money plays an important role in making employees happy.

Many employees are often unsure about how to best invest their money to reach their desired goals. In many cases, they also do not have access to a financial advisor who can help them find the ideal investment possibilities. What remains is insecurity and money that is either badly invested or not invested at all.Why not help your employees to get a better understanding of financial investment and provide access to an education program that they would not find in any other company?

FinMarie is your partner for training employees in the areas of finance and investment. The FinMarie team conducts effective, personalized workshops on site.

Help your employees to get the most out of their salary and show them that their employer cares for them holistically!

Our Financial Workshops for women – How
it works

Together with our team, you will define the topic and date for the workshop. We offer workshops between 2 hours and 2 days, so you can choose which workshop lengths fits your needs best. To ensure individual support during the workshop, the number of participants is limited to 20 people per group.

Our financial consultant is accredited according to §34f GewO and will conduct the workshop on site. After the workshop, the participants receive a copy of the workshop materials in electronic format.

Examples for our workshop topics:

  • Investment of assets from A-Z
  • Introduction to financial investment with ETFs
  • Financial investment in the equity market
  • Saving vs Investing
  • Financial Independence
  • Resolve money blockages

Our Services

  • Financial workshops for your employees (max 20 people per group) in English or German in your office
  • The workshop is conducted by a financial expert who is accredited according to §34f GewO
  • The participants receive the workshop materials in electronic format

These companies have already booked a workshop with FinMarie for their employees:

Our workshop with FinMarie hosted by Karolina was wonderful! Karolina has impressive experience in finance, and has thankfully set out to change the fact that stock markets and investment is a world dominated by men. The workshop was empowering, full of useful, hands-on knowledge, and encouraged us all to start getting our hands dirty. Karolina had a great technique to make us realise that personal finance management far less complicated than it seems, and that we all have the power to own our financial future. Thank you Karolina for this valuable lesson!

Information material about the
Financial Workshops offered by FinMarie

Are you interested in a further education course for your employees? Send us an email to k@finmarie.com and we will provide further information about our financial workshops.