How did it all begin

Back in September 2017, after another frustrating banking experience involving hidden fees, unnecessary products, long holds and complicated conversations, future FinMarie founder Karolina called her friend with some big questions:

  • Can a bank exist to help and advise women, rather than confuse them?
  • Do banks really care about our lives and financial situations?
  • What if there were someone who could explain all the rules without using banking jargon?
  • What if bank advisors really listened and understood what drives us?

We — women — are not just interested in numbers. Why can’t we access knowledge about how financial strategies will affect our lives and those of our families?

Karolina decided to start Mind the Gap, a series of regular events and workshops to educate women about finance and wealth management. The response was overwhelming. Women want and need to be part of the world of finance, yet there were still no financial products made by women for women: Nothing that would help women understand the complexity of finance, and encourage them to thrive. Shortly after, Finmarie was born.

FinMarie is the first investment solution for women created by women in Europe and providesd women with the understanding and the transparency that has been missing the answers. We created an online investment platform to help women to save and invest money, and to support your long-term decision-making. With FinMarie you get a comprehensive assessment of your entire financial life. We help you identify your retirement goals to make sure we build an investment plan that fits your needs and goals.