How We Invest

Our investment philosophy is about controlling what you can focus on – fees and risk. Therefore, we structure the portfolio around low cost investments, and a risk level that gives you the ‘sleep at night’ factor.

The level of risk that you should take depends on your goal and your comfort and experience with investments, and that is why we ask you some questions as part of building your portfolio.

You can also model within FinMarie Online to see what the impact of different portfolios with a different mix of riskier investments and more defensive investments will have on your goals, as well as the likelihood of reaching your goals.

What Investments do we Use?

There is an extensive selection of investments available which are often confusing and not transparent. We have found that the sheer choice of investments means that many women do not know where to start.

Our goal is to simplify this process and provide you with confidence that you have a suitable investment strategy. Therefore we have chosen investments that are low cost and provide you with a market return – no guess work as to whether it is a good fund or not.

We want our clients to avoid this and receive the return from their investments that they deserve, and achieve this through the use of Exchange Traded Funds (ETF). An ETF is a security that generally tracks a broad-market stock or bond index or a basket of assets just like an index mutual fund – therefore you are reducing costs and reducing risk by buying the market and not trying to ‘beat’ the market.

One of the best quotes I read by Warren Buffet, one of the most successful investors, is if you are looking in the mirror and you don’t see Warren Buffet looking back at you, buy an index fund. – Caroline Bell, Managing Director

We have chosen a selection of ETFs for diversity of location and risk.

Emerging Markets Shares

Europe Shares

United States Shares

Eurozone Shares

Canada Shares

Pacific Shares

European Corporate Bonds

European Government Bonds


We want our clients to have an investment return that they are entitled to, which is why we are focused on costs and taxes – these are costs that can be controlled. We use low cost ETFs to reduce the impact of fees on your investment return, as well as lower turnover inside ETFs, which reduces the amount of tax you pay on your investment, in comparison to mutal or investment funds.

The graph below shows the impact that higher fees can have on a portfolio and the balance over the long term.

The comparison is based on a portfolio within FinMarie Online and an investment portfolio that can be obtained by a retail bank. As can be seen, over the long term, it can make a huge difference to the amount you receive – over 100.000€ in this example over 20 years

Below is an outline of the performance of the different portfolio used by FinMarie Online for our clients. It outlines how much your portfolio would be worth in September 2019, if you invested 10.000€ in May 2016. As you would expect, the current balance is higher for the portfolio with a higher allocation to shares – but it has been more volatile along the way.

That is why we want to ensure that each of our clients has the right portfolio for them – based on their comfort with risk, as well as their goals.

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