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Women’s life expectancy outweighs that of men by 5 years. That means, we are likely to reach a point in life where we are completely alone – financially as well. For that reason, FinMarie decided to help women overcome the gender pay gap. 

Gender Pay Gap

What’s the gender pay gap? The term describes the difference between a woman’s earnings and a man’s. Currently, around 21 % of women earn less than their male counterparts in a comparable position. This is why the gender pay gap plays such an important role in women’s finance. In its latest Global Gender Gap Report, the World Economic Forum (WEF) estimates that it will take 217 years to reach income equity between men and women.

Gender Pension Gap

The economic inequality between men and women during their professional life has huge impact on their income as retirees.  In Germany, women receive 53 % less retirement pensions than men. This effect is often referred to as the gender pension gap. A working woman needs to contribute 18% of salary to a man’s 10% to achieve the same outcome at retirement. 

Gender Investing Gap

With less money available, and often more expenses (think single-mom, pink tax, etc.) than men, women consider investing to be too hard. This leads to yet another gap, generally called the gender investing gap. At present, women invest around 30% less than men. This is a perfect example how the gender pay gap can adversely affect a woman’s life way beyond her work life.

Women face a number of challenges like Gender Investing Gap and Gender Pension Gap, which is why it’s so important to be bolder when dealing with money. Saving alone will not fund retirement. And so it becomes even more crucial for women to take control over their own finances as early as possible. Be it at the beginning of her career or — even better yet — even sooner. Women need to think about how they can invest their assets effectively in order to overcome the gender investing gap, the gender pay gap, and the gender pension gap before it becomes an issue for them.

Because one thing is clear: a statutory pension will not be enough. Neither to keep women financially independent, nor to keep their living standard. Women’s finance is key to her well-being and independence. Since interest rates are at record lows and inflation is results in losing an interest benefit some of the interest you earn, investing has the potential to provide much better income and growth in your wealth than a traditional savings account.

While women often consider themselves too inexperienced with finance and investing, FinMarie has set out to help overcome the gender investing gap and strengthen women’s self-confidence with their own finances. We know that women can invest, and studies regularly show that women invest even more successfully than their male counterparts. That’s why we recommend every woman to ‘invest like a woman’.

Whether they’re working independently as freelancers or self-employed, whether they’re employed as part-time or full-time workers, whether they’re successful entrepreneurs: it is key for women to become knowledgeable, confident, self-aware, bold and comfortable about investing their money. Being in control of their finances is crucial to women being confident and independent. No matter how small the first steps and investment return might be, to invest like a woman is a powerful tool on the way to economic gender equality. The FinMarie experts are passionate about helping women achieve financial confidence and independence!

The question is: what will you do now?

What FinMarie does differently:

  • FinMarie offers ways to an investing portfolio with investment rates as little as 1,- € and no initial fees.
  • Our team of experienced financial consultants provide independent, neutral financial advice and coachings by women for women.
  • We invest your money responsibly, sustainably, and adapted to your life circumstances and economic possibilities.
  • The FinMarie experts calculate financial targets that meet your specific needs and preferences.
  • Our ladies here at FinMarie adviser will show you how to invest like a woman and enable you to confidently deal with your finances!


We are working every day to create a financial service that fosters female financial independence.

Invest like a woman with FinMarie

For Employers

The gender pay and pension gaps are caused by a multitude of things, such as having fewer women in senior or more high-earning positions, while more are working part-time. For more equality and in order to successfully invest like a woman, we suggest: 

  • employers that hire women in mainly lower-paid job positions, might want to establish a positive action plan that encourages and supports women to apply more for senior roles.
  • that employers enable more flexible working policies and ensure that part-time positions and job sharing is available on all levels within their organisation to meet the needs of women who are way more likely to work part-time, due to childcare responsibilities.
  • to encourage employers to tackle bias in recruitment, promotion and pay by increasing diversity at all levels and in all sectors.
  • companies increase financial literacy to better understand the importance of investing in and elevating women’s finance.

We are on the mission to close the gender pay gap and the gender pension gap, and enable women to take control of their finances.

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