Our goal is to keep your costs
as low as possible.
At FinMarie there are no hidden fees –
all costs are understandable and
transparent at any time!

Our Service Fee

Your fee is calculated based on the sum of your total investment amount.
You can see the fee for the different investment amounts below. If you go beyond a border,
the new fee is applied to the entire investment amount.
The more money you invest, the lower are the costs!

FinMarie Online Bronze

FinMarie Online Silver

FinMarie Online Gold

FinMarie Elite

Investment Balance

0 - 10.000€

10.000€ - 50.000€

Over 50.000€

Over 250.000€

Annual Fee*





Personal Portfolio

Regular savings plan

Fee-free withdrawals at any time

Automatic rebalancing

Ability to change your goals

Access to a personal financial Advisor

*Including: custody and account management, order fees, fund selection and monitoring, tax optimisation, detailed performance reports, customer service via telephone, e-mail and chat, user-friendly web application.

  • The Annual fee does not include the underlying fees charged by the ETF funds in your FinMarie portfolio. These fund fees can range from 0.17% to 0.27% per year. The fee is taken directly from the fund’s assets by the ETF provider. We have no influence on these costs.
  • No trading commissions, withdrawal fees, deposit fees, minimum fees, or transfer fees.
  • Simple & flexible pricing. You can switch anytime
  • In case, you don’t need our account anymore, you can close it for free anytime and withdraw the entire amount you have invested

Start Investing

There’s no minimum balance to open an account
and it takes less than ten minutes