Whether you need help or just old-fashioned financial advice, our investment advisers are here to talk you through every part of your investment journey.

What our clients are saying

Our workshop with FinMarie hosted by Karolina was wonderful! Karolina has impressive experience in finance, and has thankfully set out to change the fact that stock markets and investment is a world dominated by men. The workshop was empowering, full of useful, hands-on knowledge, and encouraged us all to start getting our hands dirty. Karolina had a great technique to make us realise that personal finance management far less complicated than it seems, and that we all have the power to own our financial future. Thank you Karolina for this valuable lesson!


Thanks so much to Karolina and Caroline. We invited them to an event for freelancers in art and they gave great input and advice. The ladies were very excited and will definitely take a lot away from it.  I would definitely love to work together again and can definitely recommend FinMarie to everyone. 

What our clients are saying

Talking to Karolina Decker was very informative. She helped me to see through and re-structure my financial situation. I finally feel some financial security and see my lon-gterm goals clearly defined. I want to keep my living standard and independence at an older age and provide my kids with a good education after the graduate. With a small monthly savings rate I will achieve these goals.

Dr. Agata D.


I have been working in financial industry for already few years. Although I have enough knowledge about financial products to invest in, something was blocking me for taking this risk. My intuition pushed me to sign up for the wealth summit organized by Karolina. Afterwards I decided to have a personal meeting with Karolina to discuss my finance and goals. Karolina has not only a great knowledge about investments and finance, but she is also a careful listener. I am grateful to meet up a financial advisor, who inspires and wants to improve my financial situation in individual manner. I know many financial specialists and advisors, but to meet up an inspirational advisor who can give you essential support and tips that´s priceless. I am confident to delegate my investment decision to her and can absolutely recommend her. I hope it will help me to achieve financial freedom, and fulfill my goals, such as doing kitesurfing around the world, going to the Mount Everest and many more adventures!

Ewelina K.


I participated in one of Karolina’s workshop and got to know her open, friendly, and competent character. Her knowledge is amazing and I immediately knew, I wanted her to personally coach me. Thanks to the worksheet she provided me with prior to our Skype chat, I had the chance to get a well-structured overview of my financial situation. Although, I’m generally rather well-organized, some expenses emerged of whose extent I was not really aware. In our conversation, Karolina gave me a good and comprehensive understanding of financial background knowledge and empathetic, tailor-made advice specially geared to my situation. Now, I have an overview of my possibilities and the next steps I can take. I find her FinMarie service absolutely helpful and will surely make use of it.

Mareen W.


Thanks Karolina for your financial coaching and advise. I had a very informative first appointment at finmarie. Karolina was very helpful and made sure I understand the risks. Totally recommend Finmarie anytime.

Loubna  M.

I was recently inspired/compelled to start financial investing into ETFs and thanks to the advice from FinMarie, especially Karolina, I feel confident in the products I’m investing in. She’s very good at understanding your situation and knows how to find products that suit your investing needs. Great service, totally recommend for women (and men) who want to take that first step!

Sana B.

So happy to start my journey to financial freedom with FinMarie. It literally took me months to decide how and where to invest and after studying and comparing a lot of option I picked FinMarie for 2 reasons. Because the product itself, the platform is one of the best on the market for my need. And that’s really what helped me decide, the ladies behind FinMarie really took the time to educate me, listen to my financial needs and help me make a financial plan. (The bonus: no mansplaining!)

Magdalene L.