How did it all begin?

Back in September 2017, after another frustrating banking experience involving
hidden fees, unnecessary products, long holds and complicated conversations, future
FinMarie founder Karolina called her friend with some big questions:

● Can a bank exist to help and advise women, rather than confuse them?

● Do banks really care about our lives and financial situations?

● What if there were someone who could explain all the rules without using
banking jargon?

What if bank advisors really listened and understood what drives us?

We — women — are not just interested in numbers. Why can’t we access
knowledge about how financial strategies will affect our lives and those of our

FinMarie provided the answers. We created an online investment platform to help women to save and invest money, and to support your long-term decision-making. With FinMarie you get a comprehensive assessment of your entire financial life. We help you identify your retirement goals to make sure we build an investment plan that fits your needs and goals.

Karolina decided to start Mind the Gap, a series of regular events and workshops to educate women about finance and wealth management. The response was overwhelming. Women want and need to be part of the world of finance, yet there were still no financial products made by women for women: Nothing that would help women understand the complexity of finance, and encourage them to thrive. Shortly after, Finmarie was born.

Our Team

Karolina Decker, CEO

Karolina studied Business Administration at Warsaw School of Economics and Finance&Banking at University of Warsaw . She spent more than 10 years in the financial industry. She initially worked as a Manager at DnB NORD Polska in Warsaw. She was responsible for the distribution of real estate financing, had responsibility for 13 employees and was responsible for a financing volume of € 250 mln. Subsequently, she worked for Compliance at Deutsche Bank in Berlin. Karolina owns the business license according to §34f GewO.

Caroline Bell-Notzke, MD

Caroline Bell-Notzke studied a Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne and has over 27 years experience in tax and financial advice in Australia, the UK and now Germany. Caroline started her own successful financial advice firm in 2006 in Australia. Summerhill’s services focus on managing, protecting and accumulating wealth for families and individuals. After highly successful, sustained growth at an average 142% each year (mostly via referral) since establishment, Caroline began consulting to other financial planners on business strategy and operation. As with the other services Summerhill offers, these clients are across Australia and internationally.

Ewelina Kolodziejczyk, RM

Ewelina studied Law at University of Warsaw, International Business Law at Utrecht University and Finance at Warsaw School of Economics. She worked as a Compliance Officer for Deutsche Bank, where she did surveillance of proprietary and client trading activities for insider dealing and restrictions violation on the leading exchanges in Americas, APAC, EMEA across all asset classes. Subsequently she worked as a Legal Counsel, where she was responsible for drafting and negotiation of Trading Agreements with an external clients. She has been a football referee in Poland, Netherlands and Germany since 2009, including international tournaments.

Vitali Balajevs, CPO

Vitali has a Master of Arts degree in Finance and Real Estate [RICS accredited] from one of the leading universities in Scotland.
He has a high entrepreneurial drive, was a member of the founding team in three early-stage startups and co-founded one company on his own. Over the last three years, Vitali was leading product and operations department in a digital real estate investment platform offering direct and indirect real estate investments for institutional & private investors.

Julia Perrot, Marketing Advisor

Julia completed a Master’s degree in Management (EQUIS / AACSB / AMBA accredited) and a Master of Sciences in Digital Marketing from Toulouse Business School, France. She worked for well-established companies (Disneyland Paris, Ubisoft EMEA) as well as for various startups (Campus-channel, caseable GmbH). Her analytical thinking and deep understanding of marketing tools always gave her access to strategic positions, in which she had to develop the companies online/offline marketing strategy so as develop their visibility and push them to the top.

Julia Fähndrich, Web Editor

Julia studied American and German Linguistics at Mannheim University and afterwards worked as an Online Editor and Social Media Manager at a special interest publishing company. In 2016 she chose independence over employment and has since built up a freelance career as a blogger, content writer, and copywriter. From an early age on, she has had a soft spot for the written word, as well as for debunking traditionally male-dominated fileds. This may have contributed to her ending up quickly as a freelance editor in finance. Since 2019 she is regularly blogging for FinMarie, trying to give women a better understanding of the typically male dominated world of investment.


Sharing experience with other women

Women hold 30% of global private wealth (= 44 trillion €). We make up 43% of the global high net worth population. Research shows that companies with 30% female leadership have net revenues 15% higher than companies with only male leaders. So, why do we still feel insecure and uninformed in our financial decisions? MtG want to change it. What if we could change it together?


Helping women to understand the financial world

MtG does not use financial jargon. We explain what is what and how financial world works. We are independent.


Helping women to increase financial confidence

Only 2% of wealth managers treat and service women as a distinct group with specific interests, according to analysis. We experience only 59% of the economic opportunities and participation rates that our male counterparts enjoy globally.

We’re on a mission to bring financial services to every woman.

Mind the Gap Community is a non-profit organisation dedicated to empowering and encouraging women by sharing knowledge about wealth and finance.


The Mind the Gap mission ist to close the many gender gaps that exist today.
As a networking organization, we know that we make more progress when we work together, collaborate, and share ideas.