Why for Women

Women`s life expectancy is 5 years longer than men.
It means that we are likely to reach a point in life where we are completely alone – including financially.

Currently, around 21 percent of women
earn less than their male
counterparts in a comparable role
(Gender Pay Gap).

At present, women
are investing around 30% less than men
(Gender Investing Gap).

In its latest Global Gender Gap Report,
the World Economic Forum (WEF) estimates that it
will take 217 years to reach income equity between men and women.

It’s clear that women face a number of challenges — which is why it’s so important to be bolder when dealing with money. At the beginning of your career, or event sooner, think about how you can invest your assets effectively.
Because one thing is clear: a statutory pension won’t be enough to keep you financially independent after you finish working.
With interest rates at record lows and inflation causing you to lose some of the interest you do earn, investing has the potential to provide much better returns than a traditional savings account.

The question is: What will you do instead?

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We are working every day to create a financial service that fosters female financial independence.

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