Financial Coaching and Education for women

Did you know that women are in charge of ⅓ of the worldwide wealth?
Unfortunately, there are not many
financial advisors that take women’s needs into account.

A Study from BCG shows that only 20% of women are happy and satisfied with the performance of their financial consultant. 53% think that they could do a better job. 27% actually rate the performance of their financial consultants insufficient. (BDG Study 2017)

We found out that many women would like to have more transparency in financial investment. They would like to know and understand what happens to their money and not be overwhelmed by the complexity of the financial markets.
Women are more deterred by the intransparency of the capital markets than they are by the risk that comes along with financial investments. In addition, women would like to be heard and to find a solution that fits their individual needs best.

FinMarie helps women to get started with financial investments and supports you in finding the investment possibility that best fits your requirements. For us, personal contact is very important. If you would like to join an individual Financial education and coaching for women session with one of our financial experts, send us an email and make an appointment.

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What you can expect

  • 1-2 free and not-binding talks with an individual financial concept (in person, via phone or Skype)
  • Objective consulting service
  • Professional financial coaching for women with a financial expert, accredited according to §34f
  • A personal investment strategy that is aligned with your financial possibilities and your living situation.

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