Gründerin Karolina Decker

"Money and me: I know we need to make this relationship better: What should I do?"

If you've had similar thoughts, take heart. You are not alone in this. More and more, people are becoming aware of the #genderpaygap, the investment gap, and the retirement gap. It's a fact that women face special challenges when it comes to building up a secure financial cushion.
At FinMarie, we're passionate about using our expertise to help you become more confident in building your wealth. With us, you will have the opportunity to ask your questions in a safe environment. We've been there, too, and your individual situation and its particularities will be heard. It's financial coaching without any fear of mansplaining!

This is how easy financial coaching works with FinMarie


You either directly book individual coaching or get a free 15min ‘espresso intro’ session.


Before your coaching appointment you will receive a preparatory questionnaire. It is best to send it in advance to help us help you!


During the appointment, your individual financial situation and your goals will be clarified and aligned.


After the appointment, you will receive your individual summary and personal forecast of how your assets are expected to develop as you implement your plan.


If you would like to use the investment tools we have selected (important note: there is no obligation to do so!), we will help you get started.

"Espresso Schnuppern"


15-20 min per video call
100% zero obligation

This is ideal to find out if financial coaching or investing is your best next step.

Individual financial coaching


From € 400

Includes a preparation survey and personal appointment over a video call, approx. 60-90 min. Individual results and next steps as a PDF
Includes a follow-up appointment
Perfect to quickly gain real clarity about your situation, ask questions and understand the next steps to quickly get into action*
*Price for typical situations. Depending on the complexity of your situation and the amount of coaching needed, we are happy to adjust to give you the help you need!

What our clients say

FAQ about financial coaching

We look after our customers in Berlin personally and throughout Europe via Zoom / telephone. The FinMarie team is often on the road and can therefore meet in person at other locations by agreement. On our event page you will find information about cities that we will be visiting.

The appointments take place either in person or via Zoom Video Call. In Berlin we are at three locations in Berlin-Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf and Dahlem. Our clients also often appreciate our visit to their home.

That depends on how much you have already thought about your goals and the information you have on hand. Most coachees report spending 2-4 hours on it. The same women also say that it was very rewarding: “Finally, I have complete transparency about what’s going on in terms of my money.”

It is financial coaching, for which you pay a fee and no commission, significantly reducing the risk of bias of the advisor.

As fee-based coaches, we have no interest in getting our customers to buy a product that we are tied to. In our work, we can afford to focus our advice exclusively on the individual needs of our customers. This ensures objective, meaningful consulting results that are solely in our clients’ interests.

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to offer investment solutions to US citizens that only meet US reporting requirements.