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Individual Financial Coaching for Women

You want to get clarity and confidence in managing your finances, achieve your financial independence and create a retirement planning.


Find out how we can advice you on investements and support you make better financial decisions.

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Individual financial advice on financial planning, investments & retirement planning.


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We help you create financially security & freedom

  • Analysis of your current financial situation and goals.

  • Advise on investments and retirement planning that exactly fits you, your goals and your risk profile.

  • Create a plan for your money based on your goals with a concrete portfolio recommendation.

  • Asset forecast, so you know exactly how your money is likely to perform when implemented.

  • Support from one of our certified financial advisors
Karolina Decker, CEO finmarie

Let's talk about how we can support you

Book a free 15 minute no-obligation chat to see if our financial coaching with us is right for you. 

Individual financial coaching for Women

Transparent & unabhängig​

100% Independent

We work for you! We are not tied to any providers. It means, that you won’t encounter any hidden costs along the way.


100% Professional

With more than 15 years experience in banking & financial sector, our team of financial advisors are certified experts by state-approved institutions and our coaching sessions are conducted in accordance with strict BaFin and IHK requirements.


100% Personal support

Fully digital or personal – we provide comprehensive support on your financial journey, offering expert guidance and assistance whenever you need it.


What we offer in a nutshell

How we can work together

  • STEP #1

    You can book a free 15-minute appointment or start your 1:1 Financial Coaching directly. During the chat, you can explore our services with a team member. When you're ready, we'll send you a questionnaire to personalize the coaching to your needs.

  • STEP #2

    During Financial Coaching, we'll work together to create your optimal financial and retirement plan. We'll then schedule 2 or 3 follow-up meetings to ensure smooth implementation and address any concerns you may have. These sessions are crucial for refining strategies and keeping you on the path to financial success and a secure retirement.

  • STEP #3

    After your Financial Coaching appointment, you'll get a personalized summary with clear steps tailored to your goals.

Choose your Financial Advisor

Karolina Decker

Karolina Decker

CEO & Financial Advisor

Hardly any other woman in Germany has been committed to financial education for women for as long and as intensively as our co-founder and CEO, Karolina Decker. After two master’s degrees and a 10-year career in international banks, Karolina has been involved with the non-profit organization Mind The Gap since 2017 and with finmarie since 2018 to support women on their way to financial independence.


Karolina is a certified financial investment broker and has a business license according to §34f GewO.


Karolina is a certified independent financial advisor and holds a business license according to §34f GewO.

Selina Weidner

Selina Weidner

Financial Advisor

As an independent and self-employed financial advisor, Selina Weidner is known for her in-depth knowledge and ability to communicate complex financial concepts in an understandable way. Her career reflects not only her passion for finance, but also her willingness to put that passion into practice and help other people with their financial goals.


In addition to being registered as an insurance specialist according to §34d, Selina also has knowledge as a financial investment broker according to §34f and has §34c for loan brokerage.

After your 1:1 Financial Coaching...



You have full transparency over your financial situation and you have a tailor-made plan with concrete, easy-to-implement steps to achieve your goals.


You know how to invest your money easily – without fear of doing something wrong and you have the good feeling that you have your finances under control.


You know how big your pension gap will be and how you can close it. Your retirement looks much better now!

What our clients say

I am very satisfied to have found a company like FinMarie. [...] Especially women without previous knowledge in financial matters are coached in such a way that they are able to manage their financial future themselves with new knowledge.

Gabriele B.

Very good individual coaching tailored to my goals. [...] During the coaching I felt very understood and Karolina gave me comprehensive advice on my goals. The follow-up of my appointment was very fast, I received my consulting protocol the same day. [...] I would definitely recommend Karolina and FinMarie for financial coaching.

Claudia K.

Competent and to the point! [...] I can highly recommend Karolina, she can really listen so that no questions remain unanswered!

Anna R.

[...] very responsive to my individual situation[...] We discussed recommendations for action and worked out my personal savings plan and investment type together. [...] was advised in a very transparent and trustworthy manner and can only warmly recommend it to everyone!


They really took the time to teach me the essentials, listened to my financial needs, and helped me put together a financial plan. (Bonus point: yes, financial advice can be done without mansplaining at all!)

Magdalene L.

A great service that I unreservedly recommend to every woman (and man) who wants to take the first step!

Sana B.

I absolutely recommend finmarie.

Loubna M.

Through the finmarie protocol that I received via Zoom before the face-to-face meeting, I was able to get a structured overview of my financial situation. I now have an overview of my options and the next steps I can take.

Mareen W.

I am truly grateful for such a great financial advisor who inspires me and honestly wants to improve my individual, financial situation. I [...] highly recommend her.

Ewelina K.

I finally have the good feeling of financial security.

Ewelina K.

Dr. Agata D.

You are now ready to...

Good Quality

…make your money work and create automation around your finances.

Good Quality

…avoid months of research and possible mistakes when investing. 

Good Quality

…get fully support from financial experts and achieve your goals.

Not quite sure yet, if the 1:1 Financial Coaching is right for you?

See how we can help you achieve your financial goals with a free consultation. 


FAQ about financial coaching

That depends on how much you have already thought about your goals and the information you have on hand. Most coachees report spending 2-4 hours on it. The same women also say that it was very rewarding: “Finally, I have complete transparency about what’s going on in terms of my money.” Here you can book your financial coaching.

We look after our customers in Berlin personally and throughout Europe via Zoom / telephone. The finmarie team is often on the road and can therefore meet in person at other locations by agreement. On our event page you will find information about cities that we will be visiting.

Here you can book your financial coaching.

The appointments take place either in person or via Zoom Video Call. In Berlin we are at three locations in Berlin-Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf and Dahlem. Our clients also often appreciate our visit to their home. Here you can book your financial coaching.

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to offer investment solutions to US citizens that only meet US reporting requirements. Here you can book your financial coaching.

As fee-based coaches, we have no interest in getting our customers to buy a product that we are tied to. In our work, we can afford to focus our advice exclusively on the individual needs of our customers. This ensures objective, meaningful consulting results that are solely in our clients’ interests. Here you can book your financial coaching.

It is financial coaching, for which you pay a fee and no commission, significantly reducing the risk of bias of the advisor. Here you can book your financial coaching.

It is financial coaching for which you pay a fee and not a commission, significantly reducing the risk of bias on the part of the advisor. To understand the difference between a fee and a commission, read our FAQ here.