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June 2021

“How do I find a better way with dealing with my finances?”

If you feel the same way, we can provide consolation: As a woman in Europe you are far from alone. At the same time, many of us women are also becoming more aware than ever before that the #genderpaygap movement is facing special challenges in terms of wealth. 


At FinMarie, we are there:
To help with that.

Why haven’t we done this earlier..?

1. Financial Education in Germany: Not on the agenda, yet

Good money management is currently not an issue that is considered in the German education system and is also not passed on informally.

Our experience shows:

Most women want to take more responsibility for their finances, but don’t know how or where to start.

Most of our clients - before they came to us - had no-one to whom they can ask their questions in a safe environment. Quite a few also had the unpleasant experience of being addressed as an unimportant ‘appendage’ or that their very individual situation - even in its uniqueness, - is never really heard.

Financial Coaching: It is possible without Mansplaining!

“Life is what happens while you are busy making plans.”

John Lennon

2. Good financial planning for women works a little differently

The picture of an independent woman today does not correspond to the ‘50s template, according to which bank advisors often seem to advise. Many factors come together in an interesting combination: the household contribution as an executive is actually not the same as that of the husband, a marriage does not last as one would have liked, a new relationship suddenly adds 2 children to the household, the parents suddenly need care… 

A lot in a woman’s life cannot be planned.

But wherever it is possible, you have to be active in order to have freedom of choice in the event of an emergency.

[Pictured: FinMarie CEO Karolina Decker with her son]

A woman with a ‘standard’ life probably doesn’t exist.

At FinMarie you don’t have to explain that to anyone. We know that. We know it personally. We help you as women for women and with all of our over 50 years expertise, in the area of money and investment.

[Pictured: FinMarie COO Caroline Bell]

You want to achieve more financially?

Expert Support is priority No. 1.

Receiving personal coaching or advice in the field of money and finance, (which does not come from banking) … is still very unusual for many women. 

At the same time, it is also completely logical: Every athlete who wants to achieve a little more is first looking for a good coach.


We women don’t have to be able to do everything ourselves. We can and should accept expert assistance.

Financial Coaching with FinMarie is that easy


You can book either a Financial Coaching appointment or a quick introduction chat.


You will receive a preliminary questionnaire before the consultation. We can advise you best, when it is returned to us before your meeting!


In your appointment, your personal goals and current situation will be discussed.


After the appointment, you will receive your individual summary of the meeting, including your coaching and your personal forecast of how your investments are likely to grow when implemented.


(Optional!) If you would like to use the investment tools we have selected to invest (important: there is no obligation to do so!), we will help you get started.

  • Coffee Break
  • -

    • Value: 150 €
    • 15-20 min over Zoom
    • 100% obligation-free

    The best way to find out whether financial coaching or just starting to invest is the best next step for you.

  • Individual Financial Coaching
  • Plus Tax

    From € 400
    • Value: 600€
    • Including a personal preliminary questionnaire and a personal Zoom appointment, allow approx. 60-90 min.
    • Individual advice and next steps in PDF format
    • Including a follow-up appointment

    Perfect to quickly gain CLARITY about your current situation and the next steps to obtain control over your financial strategy*
    *Depending on the complexity of your situation and the scope of coaching required.

“What if only one tip helps me to prevent unnecessary losses? Does this mean that my hard earned money could work harder for me?”

Exactly. With even one investment recommendation, your investment in financial coaching could pay off. [Pictured: FinMarie Founders Karolina Decker and Caroline Bell.]

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”

– Warren Buffet

And after the coaching?

Stay on track and implement

Financial Coaching FAQs

How much time should I plan to prepare for the meeting?

That depends on how much you have already thought about your goals and the information you have on hand. Most coachees report spending 2-4 hours on it. The same women also say that it was very rewarding: “Finally, I have complete transparency about what’s going on in terms of my money.”

Where and how do the financial coaching appointments take place?

The appointments take place either in person or via Zoom Video Call. In Berlin we are at three locations in Berlin-Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf and Dahlem. Our clients also often appreciate our visit to their home.

In which locations does FinMarie provide coaching to clients?

We look after our customers in Berlin personally and throughout Europe via Zoom / telephone. The FinMarie team is often on the road and can therefore meet in person at other locations by agreement. On our event page you will find information about cities that we will be visiting.

How neutral is the coaching given by FinMarie?

As fee-based coaches, we have no interest in getting our customers to buy a product that we are tied to. In our work, we can afford to focus our advice exclusively on the individual needs of our customers. This ensures objective, meaningful consulting results that are solely in our clients’ interests.

Can I invest with FinMarie even though I only have US citizenship?

Unfortunately, at this stage, we cannot offer the investment solutions to US citizens only given US reporting requirements.

What is fee-based coaching?

It is financial coaching, for which you pay a fee and no commission, significantly reducing the risk of bias of the advisor.