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May 2021

We want your financial future to be successful.

With the right Fintech tools and lots of personal support.


The Fintech application that makes investing stunningly simple for you.

– Personal support by your FinMarie coaches
– Professional asset management according to your investment preferences​
– High flexibility: Deposits and payouts possible at all times​​
– Unlimited number of savings goals: retirement provision, dream home, studies…​
– Start now: Savings plan from 25€ / 500 € minimum investment

Take your finances into your own hands

with the FinMarie ANLAGEFREUNDIN

Make your money work for you

Well balanced portfolios increase the chances for good leverage. At the same time you are avoiding negative interest or inflation-caused effects.

Get started: As flexible as it is easy

No long-term commitments or complex contracts. Starting from only 500 € you will invest flexibly in over 5.000 shares and bonds.

Stick with it and enjoy the rewards

At FinMarie our main goal is for you and your money to be happy with each other. That’s why you can combine the usage of “Anlagefreundin” with our finance coaching and/or our Community at any time.

“Not just any, but MY portfolio”

The good thing:

In your FinMarie ANLAGEFREUNDIN app you can choose between no less than 5 different investment strategies. The main difference is the distribution between shares and bonds.

Decision 1:

Which portfolio fits me and my goals?

This is where you can decide what kind of risk you want to take:

Bonds are more stable than shares, ensure a smaller risk, but also a lower prognosis for returns.

If you feel confident with a higher risk, choose a portfolio with a higher proportion of shares, allowing you better chances of high returns.

What's special: This investment will adapt to your risk- / chance-profile - and especially your life - whenever you wish.

Have a look at how your money can work for you and your goals.

“Taking active control of my money has had a positive impact on me and my life.”

Decision 2:

Is the application enough for me – or do I want support?

As always at FinMarie you can combine competent human support with the ANLAGEFREUNDIN – or you decide to leave it at making use of the application. Whatever feels right for you at the moment.

  • Bronze
  • Yearly

    % 0,68
  • 0,68% Fee on the investment amount

    Works for anyone who wants to invest fast and digitally

  • Silver
  • Yearly

    % 0,89
  • 0,89% Fee on the investment amount

    plus the SilverMarie Community Subscription

    Perfect for anyone who wants to invest digitally and build their finance knowledge at the same time

  • Gold
  • Yearly

    % 1,19
  • 1,19% Fee on the investment amount

    plus 30 min. individual portfolio optimisation with Karolina Decker

    The preferred choice for anyone who wants to invest with competent support.

    Individual guidance from FinMarie CEO Karolina Decker

Get closer to your financial goals - step by step.


Status, Goals, Experience

Every woman has a different starting point and different goals. That’s why in the first step, our tool will ask about your savings goals, your financial situation, your risk profile and your experience with capital investments.


Planning your Investment


Based on your information you will get a recommendation for a suitable investment strategy. This is also where you will see the predicted growth of your investment.


Opening the Depot


Now you check the individual suggestion and if everything sounds good, accept it. Afterwards we can create your account and verify your identity / have it verified. Finally your depot at the Sutor Bank (see below) will automatically be opened.


Using the Customer Portal

As soon as the depot is completed, you can look at the development of your investment in our online portal and also make changes at any time. And meanwhile your money will be working hard for you [see top of the page].

Pursuing my goals with amazing support

We have your back

FinMaries goal is making financial independence a realistic goal for women of all incomes and ages.
That’s why FinMarie offers the ideal combination of human touch, financial competence and hand-picked tech tools.

A solid partner bank

The partner bank behind the FinMarie ANLAGEFREUNDIN is the Sutor Bank. Here the application and your money are in the best of hands: The Sutor Bank has been awarded for “Outstanding Asset Management” by ntv and Focus Money for the 8th time in row.
The private bank, that has been independent since 1921, of course is a member in the deposit protection fund of the association of German banks.

First Class Fintech

Growney is the developer behind the FinMarie ANLAGEFREUNDIN software. Tools by Growney are considered to be amongst the top notch applications on the market – and in the ANLAGEFREUNDIN we combined them in the best-possible way for you.


Please note that capital investment always contains a => risk. The worth of your capital investment can decrease or grow. By investing your capital in several ETFs, => possible risks may be spread out, but the investment strategies are still subjected to => risksPlease be aware: Historical performances, simulations and prognosis are no reliable indicator for future performance.