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Frequently Asked Questions

About finmarie

Our goal is to help educate women about finance and how to invest their money in a self-directed way. We want to see more capital in the hands of women. Our belief is that social equality requires economic equality. That’s why finmarie is rethinking finance — we want to make the financial market more transparent, to make investment easier and to ensure that financial topics and tools are more accessible to women.

We wanted a name that works internationally. “fin” comes from “fintech,” or “finance.” Marie is a name that appears in numerous languages; and we think women can identify with it more easily. It was also important to us to avoid classic names with “bank” or “trade” because we want to be a bit provocative and break with industry standards. finmarie is a service by and for women!

Our mission: to make women financially independent and facilitate their access to the financial market. Transparent, holistic and independent advice is our be-all and end-all. We want women to know the options when it comes to investment strategies, financial planning, retirement planning, real estate financing and insurance. That’s why we offer various formats: classic financial coaching, online courses and simple tools such as Robo Advisors and the finmarie app, which provides an individual investment profile and interesting, browsable courses on the key financial topics.

We offer various financial education formats specifically focused on women, such as classic financial coaching, financial workshops and masterclasses, but you’ll also find digital solutions to start investing directly. As an example, our Robo Advisor offers both sustainable and standard investment options, and in our app, we offer bite-sized financial knowledge to guide women to their first investments in just a few clicks.

About finmarie App

Yes, we encourage you to do so. We always look forward to seeing new members. Download the app here

We use two-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption and storage on secure servers in Germany. Your data protection is our first priority.

Yes. At the moment our finmarie app is free of charge. Download the app here

The finmarie app was designed to display in a variety of modern phones, so you can use iPhone models 6 and 6 Plus up to the iPhone 13 series, as long as they’re running iOS releases from 8 to 15.

iPads using iPadOS 14 include the iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad Pro series.

Android Pie through Ice Cream Sandwich will be supported on Samsung Galaxy Series devices, Huawei Honor, P30 and P20, Google Pixel 3 and 4a (5G), Alcatel 8082 EEA 1T 10, Huawei Mediapad T5, modern LG, Nokia and OnePlus models, and Xiaomi Redmi 8 to 10.

To check the current app release, see the finmarie page in the Apple App Store or in Android Play.

Download the app here

The finmarie financial app offers the support and knowledge you need to start investing. Learn about the financial basics and asset classes in our courses, do the invest quiz to get a personalized portfolio and broker recommendation, exchange with other women on financial topics or schedule an appointment with one of our coaches. Download the app here

About Money Masterclass

Together, we’ll go through the important bits step-by-step, address your personal situation and help you develop a personalized financial roadmap. We will give you exactly the financial education you need to make it happen. Start here with your Money Masterclass.

149€ per person incl. VAT

Start here with your Money Masterclass.

Learning money handling together in small groups of max. 15 women & lots of personal support from your finance coach. Start here with your Money Masterclass.

You want to finally tick off the topics of wealth creation and pension provision but are overwhelmed by the wealth of information and don’t know exactly where to start? Then our finmarie Money Masterclass is the right choice for you. With us, you’ll find out if ETF or other types of investments are right for you. For all women, no matter what their situation in life and no matter what their age. Start here with your Money Masterclass.

About financial coaching

That depends on how much you have already thought about your goals and the information you have on hand. Most coachees report spending 2-4 hours on it. The same women also say that it was very rewarding: “Finally, I have complete transparency about what’s going on in terms of my money.” Here you can book your financial coaching.

We look after our customers in Berlin personally and throughout Europe via Zoom / telephone. The finmarie team is often on the road and can therefore meet in person at other locations by agreement. On our event page you will find information about cities that we will be visiting.

Here you can book your financial coaching.

The appointments take place either in person or via Zoom Video Call. In Berlin we are at three locations in Berlin-Charlottenburg, Wilmersdorf and Dahlem. Our clients also often appreciate our visit to their home. Here you can book your financial coaching.

Unfortunately, at this time we are unable to offer investment solutions to US citizens that only meet US reporting requirements. Here you can book your financial coaching.

As fee-based coaches, we have no interest in getting our customers to buy a product that we are tied to. In our work, we can afford to focus our advice exclusively on the individual needs of our customers. This ensures objective, meaningful consulting results that are solely in our clients’ interests. Here you can book your financial coaching.

It is financial coaching, for which you pay a fee and no commission, significantly reducing the risk of bias of the advisor. Here you can book your financial coaching.

It is financial coaching for which you pay a fee and not a commission, significantly reducing the risk of bias on the part of the advisor. To understand the difference between a fee and a commission, read our FAQ here.

About financial workshops

We help you find out which topic is right for your employees group before creating your proposal. 

Price based on size of company and number of participants. Get in touch for a commitment free proposal. 

We offer financial education and money management to help employees improve upon their healthy financial habits, investing and saving goals, financial and retirement income security. With our workshop your employees will feel confident about money and get them started on their individual investment journey. 

For smaller groups we can discuss individually in a call with one of our advisors. We usually recommend a number up to 100, depending on how interactive the workshop should be. 

For every employee. We are committed to help companies of all sizes across diverse industries.

We offer Individual Coaching with a fair price to those who want to continue their financial journey with our finmarie team.

It depends on how many topics you would like to cover during the workshop. Usually, if you want to dive into just one topic we suggest starting with the basic workshop.

Our Workshops are all available on site or online.

You can choose between two different types of workshops: the basic workshops consist in 2 hours of learning where we cover one of the financial areas based on your employees needs and 1 day workshops where you have the opportunity to dive into two or more financial areas. 


About sustainable investment with Vividam

There is a way to do this. During the registration process you will be asked for your tax number (for ebase). Enter a dummy number (any number) there. When the deposit account is opened, you need to fill in the attached tax residency form and send it back to us. We will forward it to ebase. With IDnow, you will have no problem as an expat or nomadic worker.

No, you can always choose which investment style you prefer. You can invest through one or both of the systems in any partial amounts. We will be happy to advise you. Here you can book your financial coaching.

Impact investment is a subcategory of sustainable investing. It involves investing in companies, organizations and funds with the goal of making a social and/or environmental impact in addition to financial returns. Impact investments can be made in both developed and developing markets. Impact investments are often project-specific and differ from the philanthropy approach (where no financial returns are expected). At Vividam, impact investing also includes special thematic funds (water, climate, renewable energy, etc.). Since the publication of the 17 UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in 2015, more and more investors are measuring and reporting their impact against these 17 goals.

It’s typical that the fees for any active fund (which also include impact funds) are higher. The reason is that active sustainability research, which includes, for example, critical discussions with companies, the involvement of experts and advisory boards, etc., incurs time and cost. These costs are partly passed on to the funds.

Sustainable investing is the general term for sustainable, responsible, ethical, social, environmental investment and any other investment process that incorporates the influence of ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria into its financial analysis.

Correct income and date of birth data is a legal requirement that we are obliged to request. This information is exclusively required for the opening of the deposit account.