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What we want to achieve with finmarie

We are committed to providing financial education for women and self-determination in planning their financial futures.


We want to see more capital in the hands of women, because we believe that above all, true equality requires economic equality.


Given these goals, we want to redefine the financial industry for women, making access to investment easier and creating transparency in financial markets, tools and processes.

How did the idea for finmarie come about?

Before founding finmarie, Karolina worked for more than 10 years in international banks and realized that women have a different approach to their finances, ask different questions, and have different needs and goals. Unfortunately, very few women actively manage their financial situation and future. This is partly because they feel less addressed by traditional financial advisors and offers.


After recognizing the problem, Karolina and Leitha initially founded ‘Mind The Gap’ in 2017, a non-profit organization focused on developing financial education and a conversation-focused community for women. The need and response were so positive that shortly after, we founded finmarie to reach even more women.

Team Finmarie

Social Engagement

Beyond finmarie, we also advocate for further financial education and equality through various non- profit initiatives.

With Mind the Gap we have been organizing events for women who want to learn more about their finances since August 2017. The meetup and seminar format on the topic of “Women & Wealth” now takes place internationally. The “Mind the Gap” community comprises more than 3,000 women and is growing continuously.

With Schulgold we are committed to the financial education of schoolchildren Although children are the financial decision-makers of tomorrow, it’s clear that financial education rarely takes place in the German school system. Our interactive online courses can be used playfully in the classroom to convey financial knowledge in an uncomplicated and understandable way. 

We help students make simple and secure financial decisions and become financially literate adults.