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Your expert investment app, helping you get on the path to financial independence

Manage your money and find the best investing options with our free finance app

“Great, individual finance app to get started investing!”


“I've been trying to get a grip on my finances for a while, but it's such a complex topic. This app really helped me get started by guiding me through the most important steps...”

 “Finally I am starting to understand WHAT I should invest in”


 “I already have a couple of trading apps on my phone. But before I buy a stock, I first want to really understand what I am doing and have a clear strategy. This is the first app that really helps me with that...”


 “I find and found your app great”


 “My highlight is the overall design and the opportunity to see people, their salary, their goals and, based on this, their investment strategy. I was able to better identify who I could use as a guide.”

The finmarie app is the easiest way
to help you take control of your finances

Create your personal financial plan

Today, buying stocks or ETFs is not difficult. But how do you know which asset classes are the right ones for you? Or which strategy fits your financial goals?


The finmarie app shows you which investment strategy and portfolio exactly fit you, your goals, and your risk profile. This way you can invest your money with a clear plan!

Erhalte deine personalisierte Anlagestrategie

Level up your financial knowledge

You don’t have the time for boring finance books or months of research? No problem! We summarize the most important financial knowledge in short, simple courses for you.


Whether you already have some knowledge or are just starting out, you’ll learn what it takes to take control of your financial future.

Get inspired and take a look at the portfolios of other women

Money is not something you talk about? We believe that transparency is one of the first steps to get more women to invest.


That’s why our founders and other women from our community are giving you exclusive insights: How much do we earn? How do we spend it? How do we invest? You will find out in the app!

Get started investing easily - from as little as 25€ per month

Keeping track of the many financial providers and products, and finding the ones that really suit your goals is not that easy.


To help you get started, our experts have pre-selected products that meet high standards in terms of cost efficiency, security and functionality.  

Get as much personal support from our experts as you need

To get started investing, you want financial experts by your side who are there to answer any questions you might have?



No problem! Our experts will answer your questions and share additional helpful tips & tricks with you. That way you really have all the support you need to get started and keep going! 

Bekomme so viel persönliche Unterstützung, wie du brauchst​
So funktioniert die
finmarie App

How the finmarie app works


Answer a few questions about yourself and your goals


Get a personalized investment strategy that fits you and your goals


Level up your financial knowledge with our courses


Book expert support directly though app, if needed

Get started today and download the free
finmarie app directly to your smartphone!

With our support, finmarie clients already invest more than


We keep your data safe

Durch die end-to-end Verschlüsselung sind deine Nachrichten und Dokumente geschützt, sodass sie nicht in die falschen Hände fallen.

End-to-end encryption protects your messages and documents so they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Wir speichern Daten auf sicheren und geschützten Servern in Deutschland.

We store data on safe and secure servers in Germany.

finmarie verwendet 2-Faktor Authentifikation für einen sicheren Zugang zu deinem Konto.

finmarie uses 2-factor authentication for secure access to your account.

You have a financial goal. We have a way to get you there.

See how we can help you achieve your financial goals with a free consultation. 



Yes, we encourage you to do so. We always look forward to seeing new members. Download the app here

We use two-factor authentication, end-to-end encryption and storage on secure servers in Germany. Your data protection is our first priority.

Yes. At the moment our finmarie app is free of charge. Download the app here

The finmarie app was designed to display in a variety of modern phones, so you can use iPhone models 6 and 6 Plus up to the iPhone 13 series, as long as they’re running iOS releases from 8 to 15.

iPads using iPadOS 14 include the iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPad Pro series.

Android Pie through Ice Cream Sandwich will be supported on Samsung Galaxy Series devices, Huawei Honor, P30 and P20, Google Pixel 3 and 4a (5G), Alcatel 8082 EEA 1T 10, Huawei Mediapad T5, modern LG, Nokia and OnePlus models, and Xiaomi Redmi 8 to 10.

To check the current app release, see the finmarie page in the Apple App Store or in Android Play.

Download the app here

The finmarie financial app offers the support and knowledge you need to start investing. Learn about the financial basics and asset classes in our courses, do the invest quiz to get a personalized portfolio and broker recommendation, exchange with other women on financial topics or schedule an appointment with one of our coaches. Download the app here