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June 2021

FinMarie offers women one-stop financial coaching & a cost-effective investment solution using specifically selected Fintech tools.

``Taking active control of my money has had a positive impact on me and my life.``

Clarity. Control. Confidence.

Gain clarity. Take control. Have confidence with your money.

Step 1:

FinMarie’s Financial Know-How helps you gain clarity – about Financial Workshops with our corporate clients as well as through financial advice.


Step 2:

Implement your action plan – either with or without Coaching, or our online Community My.FinMarie. Through our Top Tech Partners, the implementation of your investment plan is extremely simple and reliable.


Step 3:

How our clients enjoy the feeling of having their financial affairs under control, and having a greater chance to achieve their dreams.


Our experienced professional ‘on a mission’ for you and your financial future

FinMarie is managed by a woman with more than 10 years of international financial experience. She understands the challenges of women in terms of money and wealth – and also the solutions for them.

Karolina Decker

Karolina Decker

The Polish-born entrepreneur came to Berlin in 2014 as part of her banking career.
She established and managed “Mind the Gap e.V.” – which led to the idea of FinMarie to be born.

Financial coaching

Take advantage of the decades of experience of our experts to obtain individual suggestions and advice, to start and stick to your personal financial strategy.

My.FinMarie Community

At FinMarie we want to support as many women as possible in taking their financial future into their own hands and shaping their lives in their own way. That’s why there is now My.FinMarie.

Fintech Tools

In order to stop procrastinating, you need the right tools. At FinMarie we regularly check the financial tools available that we believe are most suitable to our clients: what is both easy to use, effective for your financial strategy and with appropriate fees.

Even a first financial consultation can make the essential difference:

After researching and comparing many options, I chose FinMarie for two reasons: The product itself, i.e. the platform, is one of the best on the market for my needs. But what confirmed my decision was and is the women behind FinMarie. They really took the time to teach me the most important things, listened to my financial needs and helped me draw up a financial plan. (Bonus point: Yes, financial advice is completely without mansplaining!)

Magdalene L.

Karolina went into great detail about my individual situation with my investment advice, and gave me a wide range of advice on the possible scenarios and financial investments in general. We discussed recommendations for action and worked out my personal savings plan and investment type together. All in all, I had the extremely pleasant impression of being advised in a very transparent and trusting manner and would highly recommend it to everyone!


The conversation with Karolina was very informative. It helped me to understand and restructure my financial situation. I finally feel good about my financial security.

Dr. Agata D.

Although I am well versed in financial products and investments, something has held me back from taking risks. I am really grateful for such a great financial advisor who inspires me and wants to honestly improve my individual financial situation. Your inspirational nature and advice are priceless. I can confidently put my investment decisions in their hands and warmly recommend them.

Ewelina K.

Karolina has an incredible amount of expertise and I really wanted to be coached by her personally. The worksheet that I received via Skype before the personal interview gave me a structured overview of my financial situation. I now have an overview of my options and the next steps I can take. I find the service with Finmarie really helpful and will make use of the advice.

Mareen W.

Thank you, Karolina, for your financial coaching and advice. Karolina helped me a lot and was careful that I really understood the risks. I can absolutely recommend FinMarie.

Loubna M.

I recently found the motivation to start investing in ETFs and am grateful for the advice from FinMarie, especially Karolina, I am convinced of the products in which I invest. A great service that I fully recommend to every woman (and every man) who wants to take the first step!

Sana B.

Known from

HR Enablement

Give your employees the benefit of financial knowledge

These companies have already invested in the financial knowledge of their employees with FinMarie.

When will you book your financial workshop?

The workshop that Karolina held with us was wonderful! Her workshop was constructive, full of useful, practical knowledge and it encouraged us all to finally get our hands dirty. Karolina has a great way of making us aware that personal financial management is far less complicated than it seems, and that we are all able to determine our financial future for ourselves.


Many thanks to Karolina and Caroline. We invited them to an event for art freelancers and got a lot of know-how and great tips. Our participants were thrilled. I highly recommend FinMarie.

We had commissioned the workshop "Achieving Financial Independence" at FinMarie. The workshop was both professionally prepared and carried out and followed up. We can highly recommend working with FinMarie in the area of personnel development!

- Anna Fromme-Schoen, Head of Business Financing Solutions, Paypal


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    Best option to determine whether financial coaching or just starting to invest is the best option for you.

  • Now: Financial Coaching
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  • • Value: 500€

    • Including a preliminary questionnaire, personal Zoom Meeting approx. 60-90 min.

    • Individual Coaching and next steps in PDF

    Perfect to quickly obtain CLARITY about your current situation as well as effectively implementing the next steps.

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