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Anlagefreundin's Robo-Advisor
makes investing easy.

Our investment tool utilizes advanced algorithms to manage and rebalance your portfolio. You simply set your financial goals and risk tolerance, and the finmarie robo-advisor takes care of the rest.

Anlagefreundin - Your digital solution

  • You can start investing from 25€
  • Digital investment with personal advice
  • Professional asset management for every type of investor
  • Your investment is still diversified worldwide and includes more than 550 stocks from 42 countries
  • Investments in critical sectors are largely excluded
  • Any number of investment goals for your savings goals
  • Invest your money sustainably
  • Attractive offers for short and long-term deposits

Should you save or invest?

saving vs investing

Overview: what you can expect

Investment planning

We support you in choosing your investment strategy. You can then easily change the parameters such as one-off investment and/or savings rate in the investment planner.


Determine the right investment strategy

Based on your information & investment preferences, an optimal strategy will be determined and suggested to you based on your risk profile.


Complete digitally

You can open the account online. Once the contract has been signed, this strategy will be implemented for you and you can sit back and relax as an investor.

Watch your money grow

Get started with Analagefreundin

Start investing easily and safely in your favorite stocks, ETFS & bonds. 


0,68 % 

/ Year *

* Fee on the amount invested. 

Our intuitive Investment tool Anlagefreundin makes it easy for beginners to navigate the investment process. Simply answer a few questions about your financial goals and define your personal risk profile, and let our Robo-Advisor handle the rest. 


0,89 % 

/ Year *

* Fee on the amount invested. 

We offer a personalized support and taiolred advice to help you set up your investment strategy with 1h Portfolio Check of your current contracts. Book your 1:1 Portfolio Check with our financial expert Karolina Decker and start your new investment journey:  

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Please note: investing involves risk. The value of your investment may fall or rise. By investing your assets in multiple ETFs, potential risks are spread, but investment strategies are still subject to risk. Please be aware: historical performance, simulations and forecasts are not a reliable indicator of future performance.

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