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Build your financial knowledge, get the support you need, and start investing today

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Anfängerfreundliche Anleitungen, um Schritt für Schritt deine finanzielle Zukunft aufzubauen

Simple, beginner-friendly guides to build your financial future step by step

Ein inspirierendes Netzwerk und so viel persönliche Unterstützung von unseren Expertinnen, wie du benötigst

An inspiring network and as much personal support from our experts as you need

Ausgewählte Anlagetools machen das Investieren einfach und helfen dir, dein Geld in wenigen Schritten intelligent und transparent anzulegen

Flexibly adapts to your life: Invest from as little as 25€ per month; deposits and withdrawals are possible at any time

Acquire financial knowledge step by step​
Acquire financial knowledge step by step​

Acquire financial knowledge step by step

Investing doesn’t have to be complicated! Whether you already have some knowledge or are just starting out, we’ll show you in selected formats what’s important so that you can take your financial future into your own hands.

Get as much personal support as you need

Get expert support with our personal financial coaching or exchange ideas with finmarie experts and other women in the community at any time.

Bekomme so viel persönliche Unterstützung, wie du brauchst​
Get as much personal support as you need​
Automated investing - as easy as a standing order​
Automated investing - as easy as a standing order​

Automated investing - as easy as a standing order

Beginner-friendly investment tools make investing easy and help you invest your money professionally, intelligently and transparently in just a few steps. Starting from 25€ per month.

How finmarie invest works

How finmarie invest works


Answer a few questions about yourself and your goals


Discover courses related to your interests and expand your financial knowledge


Participate in one on one coaching sessions with our financial experts


Start investing directly in the app!

Get started today and download the free
finmarie app directly to your smartphone!

With our support, finmarie clients already invest more than


We keep your data safe

Durch die end-to-end Verschlüsselung sind deine Nachrichten und Dokumente geschützt, sodass sie nicht in die falschen Hände fallen.

End-to-end encryption protects your messages and documents so they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Wir speichern Daten auf sicheren und geschützten Servern in Deutschland.

We store data on safe and secure servers in Germany.

finmarie verwendet 2-Faktor Authentifikation für einen sicheren Zugang zu deinem Konto.

finmarie uses 2-factor authentication for secure access to your account.

What our clients are saying

I am very satisfied to have found a company like FinMarie. [...] Especially women without previous knowledge in financial matters are coached in such a way that they are able to manage their financial future themselves with new knowledge.

Gabriele B.

Very good individual coaching tailored to my goals. [...] During the coaching I felt very understood and Karolina gave me comprehensive advice on my goals. The follow-up of my appointment was very fast, I received my consulting protocol the same day. [...] I would definitely recommend Karolina and FinMarie for financial coaching.

Claudia K.

Competent and to the point! [...] I can highly recommend Karolina, she can really listen so that no questions remain unanswered!

Anna R.

[...] very responsive to my individual situation[...] We discussed recommendations for action and worked out my personal savings plan and investment type together. [...] was advised in a very transparent and trustworthy manner and can only warmly recommend it to everyone!


They really took the time to teach me the essentials, listened to my financial needs, and helped me put together a financial plan. (Bonus point: yes, financial advice can be done without mansplaining at all!)

Magdalene L.

A great service that I unreservedly recommend to every woman (and man) who wants to take the first step!

Sana B.

I absolutely recommend FinMarie.

Loubna M.

Through the FinMarie protocol that I received via Zoom before the face-to-face meeting, I was able to get a structured overview of my financial situation. I now have an overview of my options and the next steps I can take.

Mareen W.

I am truly grateful for such a great financial advisor who inspires me and honestly wants to improve my individual, financial situation. I [...] highly recommend her.

Ewelina K.

I finally have the good feeling of financial security.

Ewelina K.

Dr. Agata D.

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