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Financial Bootcamps For Companies

Financial Bootcamps For Companies


FinMarie strives to guide women entrepreneurs and female dependents alike towards financial freedom. This is why we developed a unique approach collaborating with companies that want to provide their female employees a one-of-a-kind financial literacy occasion. We organize personalized in-house workshops for their female staff. Our FinMarie Financial Bootcamps help organizations put smart, confident, and financially independent members of society into the communities they serve. If this sounds like something that could be perfect for your business and personnel, gain a little insight into two of our on-site bootcamp examples we present below.

FinMarie’s Financial Literacy Bootcamp at SAP

SAP is a multinational enterprise so they have a very diverse staff. SAP women come from many different countries, speak lots of different languages — and each of them bring their own unique experiences to the table. At SAP, the women employees flourish in an environment that encourages free expression, collaboration, individuality, and diversity. This makes for awesome discussions, ideation, and networking. And that’s just what we experienced during our workshops at SAP AG in Berlin.

Gender equality is an important part of their entrepreneurial mission and they are committed to having installed at least 28 percent women in leading positions by 2020 and 30 percent by 2022. Gender equality is about providing the same opportunities for men and women in the workplace, because jointly they make every company more successful. A 2016 study emitted by the Peterson Institute for International Economics that a one third female quota in leadership positions would lead to a one percent increase in the the net margin. This equals a 15 percent higher profitability.

So, SAP is following what economic studies all over the world predetermine and what we at FinMarie have been convinced about since day one: mixed (management) teams cover a greater variety of perspectives engaging a high-performance work culture. They own the potential to make the most out of their skills and knowledge, leading to more innovation and better results. We love to set up our financial literacy bootcamps in ambiences of such working ethics that demonstrate an open-mindedness with regards to female empowerment. We feel like our efforts are appreciated and really have an impact on young, diverse, successful women.

FinMarie’s Financial Literacy Workshop at Vattenfall

In order to particularly set the female topic on their agenda, Vattenfall AG hosted us in their offices both in Berlin and Hamburg. The fourth largest electric power company in Germany is our second client providing FinMarie with the possibility to educate their female staff in financial decision making.

Our team was able to teach the female personnel at Vattenfall Berlin and Hamburg how they can master everyday financial tasks and develop the necessary skills and confidence to become financially independent. We showed them how to budget, manage debt, set and achieve financial goals, as welle as better understand and use financial products and services.

FinMarie developed their workshops in order to guide participants toward financial freedom, independence, and self-sufficiency. Find out more about our bootcamp offer to you and your co-workers or staff on this page.

Who Is FinMarie’s Financial Literacy Company Bootcamp For?

FinMarie provides financial literacy education programs that change lives and reduce the impact of financial stress on individuals, families, schools, businesses, and communities. Since we offer perfectly individually outlined workshops and events, we can adapt to a wide range of companies and enterprises that cover the most diverse industries and sectors. We match our subject and topics to fit and address

    • Life Skills Programs
    • Internships
    • Rehabilitation Programs
    • Graduating High School Students
    • Emancipation Programs
    • College Students
    • Employer Wellness Programs
    • Mentoring Programs

and many more.

Become an industry leader and incorporate FinMarie’s Financial Literacy Program into your business!


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