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Time Is Money — No Time for Finances Or Not Dedicated?


Women usually get a lot of credit for their organizing skills. We juggle every type of activity on a daily basis. Besides our jobs, we’re caring for our family, the household, and try to make a little room for our friends and hobbies, too. With such a crammed course of the day, weeks just fly by.

And what’s left for us? Where’s the me-time for sports, for a good book or even time for finances? We might be skilled organizers, but there’s just so much one woman can do at once. And yet, with a couple of time management tips, you can do it and find time for finances. And you definitely should, because often, we women notice far too late that even if things seem to go and have been going well, we have no idea how we will be set financially in our future.

Now, one must admit that we tend to procrastinate that thought voluntarily. But when tomorrow turns to the day after tomorrow, and next week turns to next year, we’ll have to face and live with the harsh consequences of this constant procrastination when we’re old. If we can still afford our lives by then, that is …

How To Carve Out Time For Finances

In financial terms, we women sort of love to lie to ourselves. We think, because we’re currently well-off, the status quo will remain. We believe, since we’ve already begun to dedicate time for money a bit, our income will suffice later in life. But really, that’s an approach we cannot afford anymore. With our packed weekdays going by so fast and almost unnoticeable, it’s never too early to start and get dedicated to money.

Find Time For Finances — Advice No. 1

Make your finances a priority.

Download an app to your phone, use an agenda or simply a plain hand-written to-do-list. Plan your daily activities in a way that you can carve out at least half an hour for yourself every day. And use these 30 minutes to update your housekeeping book, check your deposit or get an overview of your account movements.

If you’re already up to date with these transactions, use that half hour to read through a book, a magazine or a website about finances. This way, you can gather information on investment possibilities or on consulting that suits you. Just like the financial counseling we offer for free here, at FinMarie. All it takes is to contact us and fix an appointment — according to your schedule, of course.

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Use Your Time For Finances Effectively — Advice No. 2

A little goes a long way. A couple of intense minutes every day dedicated to money are more effective than spending hours of your well-deserved vacation or your finally free weekend trying to gain financial literacy all at once.

  • Do you even know, what’s happening to the money you’re putting aside every month?
  • Are you familiar with the best options to invest and multiply your money?
  • Have you looked into the minimum rate per month that makes an investment profitable?

Write down your most urgent questions and specifically search for the answers. This way, you organize finances and use your time for money most effectively and beneficially.

Dedicate Time For Money — Advice No. 3

Are you facing yet another particularly packed week? Then you might want to turn to podcasts on finances. Listen to them while vacuuming, during your gym time, in the car on your way to work. This way, you can keep your daily financial routine despite several obstacles, and use time gaps effectively to get dedicated to money.

And just like your commuting by train, bike or car, there are other small gaps you can fill with knowledge on finances. Maybe you want to initiate a girls’ night out with a twist? Are you meeting friends and colleagues? Why not turn these encounters into a financial gathering?! A glass of wine or your usual Sunday coffee meet-up are perfect to exchange experiences with and worries about finances, rather than sharing typical small-talk and children topics.

It’s not about filling the entire evening with discussions on finances. But maybe you would want to dedicate time for money in the beginning of your meet. Sure enough, this would do everyone of you some good. And among a group of friends it’s often fare easier to approach a dry subject like financial independence with fun and curiosity.

How To Ideally Use Your Time For Finances

Is it really a lack of time that keeps us women from dealing with our finances and our economic future or are we rather lacking motivation and dedication? The most important thing is to be honest with ourselves. If money and investments are important to you, but you feel like it’s too tedious to intensively concentrate on the topic, FinMarie’s financial consulting for women is just what you need.

Let our investment strategies and financial products experts organize finances on your behalf. They will sound out goals and stake out your financial scope together with you. Moreover, they will entirely manage your investments. Find out what FinMarie’s services contain in detail in a first, charge-free assessment:

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Are you curious to find out how everything works, how your money multiplies, and which investment comes with which yield opportunity, but don’t know where to start? Then our MindTheGap events are just what you need. The founders of FinMarie regularly organize workshops and lectures all across Germany that make it easier for women to get started at the financial markets. Not only will you learn everything worth knowing about the right mindset, first steps at the stock exchange, bond strategies, and ETFs, but also get to know like-minded women and real experts in their field.

Take a glimpse at this events calendar and watch out for a MindTheGap event near you! Participating lets you optimize your valuable time for finances in an effective, efficient, and fun manner.


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