How do we invest?

FinMarie works like a personal investment advisor,
helping increase your assets in the short or long term,
depending on your circumstances and goals.

With FinMarie all women – young and old, single and
married, mothers and workaholics – can learn to
confidently deal with finances and navigate the jungle
of stocks, funds, etc.

We invest only in high-quality, low-cost exchange traded
funds. We recommend how much risk to take based on
when and for what you’ll need your money. Your money
is invested in literally thousands of companies instantly.
Exactly how much of your portfolio is made up of which
stocks depends on the exact allocation you choose.

Planning for a Family

Wonderful! We love children! As a mother, life can be full of domestic work and things to organise, as well as the most important goal: happy children. There’s also financial planning to think about. You can afford a moderate risk, but need to balance it with daily expenses and regular outgoings.

Work, Career, Independence

FinMarie helps turn your visions into realistic plans. We prepare an investment portfolio that offers you flexibility and security. We help plan your financial independence, so you can enjoy more financial freedom.

Asset Building?

It’s a long-term process, and you should start as soon as possible. Even small amounts lead to success in the long run. High risk investments mean you can better capitalise on the opportunity offered by capital markets. Risk and return are strongly related!

Dreaming of a Property?

Whether you build yourself or have a property built; buy outright or get a mortgage, we help you make decisions and find a suitable investment with medium risk.

We women are unique. Our personalities, lifestyles, family and professional situations vary vastly—as do our ambitions, goals and worries. FinMarie celebrates that uniqueness, and aims to develop an individual investment strategy for each woman, to make your dreams come true.

Start Investing

There’s no minimum balance to open an account
and it takes less than ten minutes!