How do we invest?

FinMarie works like a personal investment adviser offering financial advice for women, helping them increase their assets in the short or long run, depending on their individual circumstances and goals.

With the help of a personal FinMarie investment advisor, all women – young and old, single and married, mothers and workaholics – can learn to confidently deal with their finances and navigate the jungle of the multitude of investments available.

Planning a Family

Wonderful! We love children! As a mother, life is often dictated by juggling of domestic work and often remaining in paid employment as well as, the most important goal: happy children. Our team consists of working mums, too, so FinMarie knows, what you are dealing with, and how difficult it is, to carve out some time to dedicate to yourself, your well-being and , your financial independence. But in order to be able to satisfy the needs of your family and children, it is just as important to be financially fit, as it is to be physically fit and mentally balanced. And to look after yourself, have confidence in your own financial future also needs to be managed. For yourself – to compensate the decrease in income and future pension – and your children – their education and their economic security – alike. Our female financial advisors here at FinMarie know your situation all-too well. We are aware of how much of your wealth you can afford to invest and at an approriate level of risk, and being comfortable with balance savings with the cost of living associated with a family.

Work, Career, Independence

Our main goal, at FinMarie, is to help create financial freedom for women. To help to achieve this, your personal investment adviser helps you turn your vision into a realistic plan. Based on the risk that is suitable for you, on your initial investment amount and potential savings plan, your individual life situation, a personal investment advisor prepares a portfolio that offers you the flexibility and security you need and deserve.

Asset Building for Financial Independence?

Obtaining financial literacy for women is a long-term process, just as much as is gaining financial freedom, and the sooner you start, the sooner you have confidence that you can achieve financial independence. Our experience, confirmed by several studies, shows that, even small amounts can make a difference and ensure success over the longer term.

By ensuring the right level of risk within your portfolio based on your goals and preferences, as well as your initial amount to investment and regular savings, you can have a personalised portfolio to help you achieve financial freedom.

Dreaming of a Property?

Many women dream of owning their home and a structured investment portfolio can give you the confidence of making this dream a reality. This can be achieved through FinMarie Online and with the discipline of a regular savings plan (to get you used to repaying a mortgage) as well as ensuring that your money is working for you – rather than sitting in the bank.

And if needed, you can also obtain one on one coaching from our team to help you determine the right strategy for your home, including what level of mortgage you will need.

We are mums, daughters, wives, sisters, and friends.

We’re also business owners, financial planners, and personal investment advisors.

We understand you, because we are just like you.

What are your benefits from having a female financial advisor?

  • If you feel “lost” in planning for your financial independence, FinMarie offers financial personal advice and hands you a roadmap to follow on your way to financial freedom, liberty, and independence.
  • When it comes to money, you’re not much of a DIY’er and prefer someone else with more expertise to handle it for you? FinMarie’s women financial advisors hear you and will take care of your investments.
  • Maybe you like managing your money yourself, but realize that you could benefit from an impartial and unemotional third-party opinion. We offer neutral, fact-based financial advice for women just like you!
  • Feel insecure with male consultants? Worry no more! At FinMarie you’ll find yourself a female personal investment advisor that knows everything about the tangles and twists in the life of a woman: Financial advice for women by women.
  • Do you want to build up your assets and financial literacy alike? We organize events and workshops on a nearly regular basis, where we provide financial literacy for women that goes beyond sole financial advice for women.

We women are unique.

Our personalities, lifestyles, family and professional situations vary vastly — as do our ambitions, goals and worries. FinMarie celebrates this uniqueness, and aims to develop an individual investment strategy for each woman, to make your dreams come true.


Why invest?

FinMarie is and remains a female finance consulting agency for women of all ages, backgrounds, and income groups. We put major emphasis on our independence, our own banking license, and our coaching skills.
Our impartial and highly competent female financial experts offer advice and help with all financial and economic issues. And they will always partner with you in finding best practice solutions and investment strategies.

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