Sustainable investing with FinMarie and vividam

Is sustainable investing important to you? Then investing with our partner vividam might be a good fit for you. vividam is a Robo Advisor that's perfect for you if you want to invest your money sustainably online, starting from €1,000, plus €50 monthly in a savings plan.

vividam invests in specially selected products with a clear focus on positive impact. In doing so, vividam goes beyond the topic of climate change and is guided by the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. This results in specific investment criteria and grounds for bans/divestment.

Investment fields

Renewable energies such as solar, wind, etc.


Modern environmental and climate technologies

Drive technology (electric drive)

Old-age care, education

Green Buildings

Sustainable water management

“Smart Grid” / Smart City technologies (energy infrastructure)

Wood as a renewable raw material

No investments in


Fossil energy sources like crude oil or coal-based heat


Nuclear power

Human rights violations (ILO)



Nuclear, chemical and biological weapons

Genetic engineering and animal testing

Security for your money: FinMarie's top priority

Your brokerage account is managed by ebase (European Bank for Financial Services GmbH) in accordance with German banking law. In the unlikely event of insolvency of the bank or FinMarie GmbH, your money is protected accordingly.

Your brokerage account belongs to you. It can only be accessed by you.

The asset manager vividam may only buy and sell funds within the investment guidelines.

About vividam

vividam is a collaborative project of several partners. All parties involved are based in Germany and are subject to and committed to German standards.

In detail it works like this:

Behind vividam is FiNet Asset Management AG (FAM). This company is the legal and actual asset manager of the portfolios.

The niiio finance AG in Görlitz is responsible for the technical implementation. This company also sends e-mails on our behalf.

At the beginning of the business relationship, you will need to have your identity verified online and sign the contract securely — for this process, we use our trusted partner, IDNow.

ebase (European Bank für Financial Services GmbH) in Aschheim near Munich acts as the custodian. This bank processes the transactions of the funds and holds them in custody in the name of the customer in an individual securities account.

Our fair service fees

Investment Amount

Annual Fee*

Personal Portfolio

Regular Savings Plan

Free Withdrawals at any time

Automatic Rebalancing

Ability to change investment objectives

Personal Financial Adviser

2.500€ - 249.999€




from  250.000€


*Includes: custody and account management, order fees, fund selection and monitoring, tax optimization, detailed performance reports, customer service via phone, e-mail and chat, user-friendly Robo Advisor web application.

*In addition to the all-in fee, annual product costs of between 1.31% and 1.83% are also incurred – depending on the selected strategy (detailed information on ex-ante costs is available in the closed user area before signing the contract). These costs are the management fees (TER) of the target funds used in the asset management, but they are already included in the fund performance and do not need to be separately deducted.

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FAQ on sustainable investing

There is a way to do this. During the registration process you will be asked for your tax number (for ebase). Enter a dummy number (any number) there. When the deposit account is opened, you need to fill in the attached tax residency form and send it back to us. We will forward it to ebase. With IDnow, you will have no problem as an expat or nomadic worker.

Click here to open the PDF: vividam Sustainable 70

Click here to open the PDF: vividam Sustainable 100.

Click here to open the PDF: vividam Sustainable 30

Click here to open the PDF: vividam Sustainable 50

No, you can always choose which investment style you prefer. You can invest through one or both of the systems in any partial amounts. We will be happy to advise you.

Sustainable investing is the general term for sustainable, responsible, ethical, social, environmental investment and any other investment process that incorporates the influence of ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria into its financial analysis.

Impact investment is a subcategory of sustainable investing. It involves investing in companies, organizations and funds with the goal of making a social and/or environmental impact in addition to financial returns. Impact investments can be made in both developed and developing markets. Impact investments are often project-specific and differ from the philanthropy approach (where no financial returns are expected). At Vividam, impact investing also includes special thematic funds (water, climate, renewable energy, etc.). Since the publication of the 17 UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in 2015, more and more investors are measuring and reporting their impact against these 17 goals.

It’s typical that the fees for any active fund (which also include impact funds) are higher. The reason is that active sustainability research, which includes, for example, critical discussions with companies, the involvement of experts and advisory boards, etc., incurs time and cost. These costs are partly passed on to the funds.

Correct income and date of birth data is a legal requirement that we are obliged to request. This information is exclusively required for the opening of the deposit account.